Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Workin' It...

I LOVE my job. I hate my health. I am not such a great fan of how much I get paid, either. But I love the job itself. Especially the Harry Potter themed classes because around Halloween it is just EXTRA fun! WE GOT TO LET THE STUDENTS MEET REAL OWLS! I admit I was 10 times as hyper about that as the kiddlets, but HELLO! OWLS!

But as much as I love my job, I am just not getting the hours... and therefore the money for things like a much needed basking lamp for the new tortoise. Also, you know, Groceries... meds... etc. but at least those my family will help with. But their parental devotion only extends to, you know... HUMANS. My TGP wages barely pay my bills, but they do. But for the things that matter to me; my BABIES, I really need more income.

So, I am job hunting. However, the fact that right now I have doctor's appointments a couple times a week makes getting a new job near impossible. "Hi, I will never be at work... can you hire me?"


  1. LOL. I love that statement. "Hi, I will never be at work. Can you hire me?" Sometimes I think my own boss wishes I'd told them that ...