Monday, October 29, 2007

28 going on 89


First of all, I was confused. Today was NOT the appointment with my Neurologist who prescribed my the meds to help with my head that ended up giving me a bleeding ulcer that put me in the ER that Jack built...

I have way too many doctors to keep things straight.

Dr. NYB is my Endocrinologist who only wanted to talk about my diabetes when I came to her about other stuff, but whatever. I am now officially insulin dependent. I have my stupid needle and I was bawling when I left. Then I got more blood tests (didn't help the crying situation).

Then I came home to find this email:
We are sorry to announce that the Work When You Want program will no longer be available beginning Monday, November 5th. Unfortunately, the program has not lived up to the original expectations. We will continue to accept work requests for the week of October 29th, but it will be the last week of the program.
Figures as much. Your basic "too good to last" thing.

Also, trying to schedule all my scary procedures... my insurance has decided that even though my stomach is hurting this bad, and I almost certainly have an ulcer, I won't even be having my appointment with the gastroenterologist (and yes I SO had to look up how to spell that) till November 6th and THEY set up my endoscopy.

I know I used to write at least VAGUELY entertaining blogs. Now they are all about my medical issues. I feel like one of those 89 year old ladies who sits around and complains about her "sugars and 'arth'itis"... of which I have BOTH. Bullocks.


  1. Hugs, girly. I had enough of doctors, hospitals, and needles last year to last a lifetime -- I totally feel for ya.

  2. It could be could be a dude!