Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shell Shock

What a week.

First of all, I tested, interviewed, and got hired at another job. Yay.
It is outbound, calling people for surveys... basically annoying the general populous... and yes, it is going to be boring.

So why accept it?
Because it starts a buck more an hour than TGP and can go up to 4 bucks more.
Because it is local and so much less travel.
But MOSTLY because it is WORK WHEN YOU WANT and that means I can STILL work at Thanksgiving Point and just Fill In the OTHER days with PGM! YAY!

It's a dang good thing I took the typing tests THAT day, though, because the next day at work (teaching Pumpkin carving at Pumpkin Palooza!) I broke my left ring finger in a folding chair. I can still type (luckily I type bad... not "home row") but it is a lot slower because when I accidentally use the broken tip I scream. It is just the bone ABOVE the tip top joint (the distal phalanx)... so I can move it and don't have a splint because that doesn't even help. All I got for it is pain pills. DUMB.

But it is amazing how much something so LITTLE can hurt.

Yes, I am SO jinxed.

I went to a few doctors this week... my Neurologist and Doogie my OBGYN and my awesome foot doctor. I have even MORE pills to take. More dumb medical mysteries.

On the other hand, I am having a pretty good time trying to get this Tortoise to thrive. Poor little dude. I named him Bratanik (means boy cousin). But I have been calling him Little Brudder... even though he does have all his limbs. I am falling for him. I knew it would happen. Even a dusty old tortoise can steal your heart if you let it in your house. SIGH.

He wasn't eating. He FINALLY is, but refuses to eat from a dish. I a still going to get him checked out soon as I get a pay check and find the most reasonably priced herp vet. He isn't well, but I would like to be sure he isn't, like, riddled with parasites or anything.

Bratanik isn't as colorful as his "Brother" Tortuga nor is he as friendly... but hopefully he will get used to us.There are humans, dogs, birds... and we have no idea what his life was like before. In fact there is a HUGE portion of Russian Tortioses in the opet trade that were WILD caught, poor things. So who knows.

But we will do our best to get him well AND win him over!


  1. Well I think he is adorable, even if he is dusty!

    Sorry about your finger...that is no good. And congrats on the job! Woo! More money!

  2. He *is* cute!

    Yay for new jobs!

  3. I think he is a darling as well, but I have that Mom-Bias thing going for me. However it looks like he IS mighty sickly and will be costing me quite a bit at the vet this week. Poor boy.

  4. How in the world can a turtle... tortoise... be cute??