Wednesday, October 10, 2007

bleh. That's right, I said BLEH.

I am sick.

I know. What else is new?

But THE ROOMIE is sick and she NEVER is, so it must "be going around" which is pretty much true of ANYTHING you catch, but whatever. But yeah. He are BOTH sick. Yesterday I woke up too sick to (get this) go to my doctors appointments. I had a horrible headache and was throwing up like crazy. And couldn't get upstairs, much less drive to a doctor.

Then I found out The Roomie was doing the same thing upstairs, though not as much as me since I am just jinxed.

So I spent a lot of time in bed (bleh), in the bathroom (BLEH), and online. Blogging, catching up on Strong Bad emails (long neglected), watching various babies giggle on YouTube.

I was supposed to go to Rinny's play. Actually, I was FIRST supposed to go to my friend Prism's bridal shower, but then had to tell her I would be going to a doctor thing (Dr. Princess' replacement Dr. NYB (I don't know if I ever mentioned her here, just in Losing It.)) and THEN to Rinny's play if I had time as it was the only time I could probably see her in it. But I ended up not being able to do ANYTHING. Nothing. No party for Prism, no doctor. Just feeling crappy. Then my BISHOPRIC called and asked if they could come over and visit. I really wanted to tell them NO, but as me BEING sick (in general) is one of the main reasons for them wanting to VISIT I felt silly using me being sick (in specific) as an excuse to not let them.

So they came over and the critters were being crazy and Heber was in my shirt... so the Bishopric got to meet HIM in an interesting way. I love my suggies. They are my furry little sanity anchors. So beautiful, too. Those little faces. SIGH! My babies mean SO much to me, I don't know what I would do without them to come home to at night... or be home all day with as the case may be. When I am at home, they just sleep in a pouch around my neck (or even in my bra) and pop out sometimes with cute little faces like "Mom. Spoil me!" And I usually do... slipping them a treat and then they curl back against me chirping and purring till they fall asleep again.

I do love them.

Today I am still sick... but not as sick as yesterday. I am having a VERY exciting day hurting, eating saltines, and watching Little House on the Prairie and other fine daytime TV. hee hee. At least I am trying to catch up with my friends...

My friend Melissa had her baby and for a newborn he is SCARILY CUTE! Observe! His name is Trenton. I miss her. When I am not sick I need to go see her. She is my friend from school in Hawai'i that is blind and she has been SO excited to have this baby. It will be interesting to see what she does to adapt all this to her situation. Her husband, Tom, is pretty awesome, so I am sure it will work out, but yikes... I would be scared to death to have a kid and I am not going as blind as her.

Talked awhile with my friend Gilch. It is funny because I was thinking about it and he really has become one of my best friends, even though he just started out as a friend of a friend. I am glad we write.

Amy's hubby Dave is practicing walking with a CANE now. That's pretty awesome progress. They could still use your prayers a lot. (or, if you want, feel free to donate any pocket change you have. They have a TON of doctor bills and such.)


  1. can't see the pic of the premie ... i was going to say something about how that's probably okay since i don't even know his mom and how fair is it that i'd get to see her baby but she couldn't, and then i realized that was kind of horrible. and here i am, saying it anyway ...

    yay for amy and dave!

  2. yeah... baby pic not working.

    I totally spaced the bridal shower, or even letting her know that I couldn't go!! I was in class and... yeah. Dangit. I'm a sucky friend.

  3. I didn't go either and didn't say anything. Gah.

  4. in case you didn't know...the pic isn't working

  5. haha... the last comment is my favorite!

    also, I forgot to add... it sounds like you two might have had food poisoning???

  6. Yes, the baby picture is not working. Apparently you have to go in a certain way (with the password). Dang privacy! I will try to fix it later.

    And I would think food poisoning if we ever ate the same FOOD. Also, Padre has the same thing. And apparently several girls The Roomie hung out with at a ward thing.

  7. So, what you're sayin' is the pic isn't working? Is that what we're tryin' to get at?

  8. Hey, can anyone see that baby picture?

    HA HA HA!