Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good point, Stewie. SHE can't see him... BUT CAN YOU?!

So many of my friends are having babies!
The following are pregnant...
Granola Girl
Mama Katz
Probably a few I don't know as well or missed...

Oh. And my brother BoyKid claims he is.

(Apparently things work differently in Italy. hee hee hee! He is such a dork. (and a shirtless Missionary! AAAAAH! Shield your eyes!))

But I made the entry itself JUST FOR Melissa's Baby!


  1. The infamous baby pictures can FINALLY be seen.

  2. don't forget daisy paige.

    that is an incredibly good looking newborn! bronson was all orange and chubby. lol.

  3. Oh my GOSH, that's a beautiful baby. Tell Melissa she done good.

  4. I know, SERIOUSLY, he is like a MODEL BABY! (even has a little Zoolander pose in there) I am way impressed. And I really don't like very many babies. But he is a PRETTY baby!

    Sad that Melissa just has to take people's word for that, but still!

  5. Wow! That baby is sooooooooooooooo cute. He looks like David Beckham.