Wednesday, March 28, 2007




I was really looking forward to Conference and now I am bummed. I mean, I am still looking forward to it in the usual ComeListenToAProphet'sVoice kind of way... but not a SitVeryCloseToACuteBoyAndProbablySmellHimSmellingAllCleanAndChurchy (NotThatHeDoesn'tUsuallySmellFineButYouKnowWhatIMean) kind of way. Stupid Rental Agreement. *Grumble grumble*

I just... miss him. Okay, so there are a lot of times I love the long distance thing, because too much THERE-ness tends to freak me out. But right now I hate it and need him to be here in Utah. At the same time, I am glad he's not because my depression is NOT doing so great and it is bad enough dealing with it in PRIVATE, without worrying it is going to weird him out. BLEH.

Okay, now it is Friday (last sentence it was Thursday.) and I am still missing him, but thanks to having GREAT friends I am feeling better. :O)

Work was LONG today. Left my house at 10:30 to go help with a 5th grade field trip on the farm. Got a short tractor driving lesson from Rinny during it.

Taught some of the parents of the kids about ducks

Fed kids cheese flavored (but REAL) mealworms, etc. Then I spent several hours doing research at the dinosaur museum. Trying to write curriculum, I figured I should know it in chronological order. Anyway, walked a lot in there, till I thought my feet would fall off, went back to the office to work on it there. Then went with Rinny to buy supplies in Salt Lake (for a Relief Society thing and for work, both). I wasn't heading home until 7 something, when CC and Stewie called and said they were on their way to my house! YAY!

We hung out, ate at Carl's Jr. (Fried zucchini! Mmmm! And nobody tried to kidnap us. Hee hee!), and went to look at
another castle! One in Cedar Hills. It was funny AND cool! Then we picked up Stewie's kiddlet, Munchkin (one of my favorite kiddlets. Seriously, she is right up there with Bucksome's Little Buck, Bestsariah's Corina, and T-La's 3 boys in sheer funniness.) from a sleep over she wasn't sleeping over at and CC and swung on the swings. (We are SWINGERS! HA!) However, doing so, after too much fat in our meal, and following it with chewing gum too long, well the combo made me sick to my stomach and was just about to say so when CC said SHE felt sick with it, too. Anyway, then she needed to go pick up Cupcake from a mission reunion (I should probably have gone to MY mission reunion, but the only people I care about from the mission probably wouldn't BE there (either from distance or disinterest) so I didn't) so CC drove me home.

I watched Scrubs, and now Perry Mason, of course. Friends like CC and Stewie really help fix a bummer day. JD and Perry don't hurt, either. Hee hee! Thank you, you guys. Seriously.

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