Sunday, March 11, 2007

Many Pics of Tongues

So, Fresno is really good at cheering me up. I just got off the phone with him. Then read an email that he had sent. Then talked to him on the phone again WHILE looking at another email he sent till my phone died. That last one included pictures of the dogs!

He had a major run-in with one of the neighbors in the new house about those dogs and was all upset. A very scary neighbor guy's little dachshunds who were not on a leash came after Fresno and his ginormous wolfhounds who, of course, WERE on a leash. But the man (who was probably scared to death of Fresno's pups) starts yelling at Fresno! Well, Fresno is holding the leashes as tight as he can but telling the man to come get HIS dogs. The man yelled and screamed profanities and threatens to kill Fresno and his dogs. Even though I think the man was just scared of the big dogs and was just trying to sound tough I told Fresno he should tell the police (not 911 or anything, just the police office) just in case something happens, especially as he is going to have to deal with this guy everyday because he can not not walk his dogs or be afraid in his own new neighborhood.

We talked about that and he sent me pics of the dogs. Darby is brownish gray and his sister, Demi, is white. And he is SO smitten. He LOVES them and says they are just sweethearts and that I will adore them. And I believe him.

I'm excited to eventually meet them. Mom keeps teasing me, "And how is that going to be? You and your husband... in your first tiny house... with your 2 giant dogs... and your 3 stinky gliders?"

To that, I say :OP .

Anyway, his email before the dogs was just CUTE. Because, well, most of the time, he GETS me. And that is just NICE. Because even *I* don't always get me. But it was basically about whether or not I called him my boyfriend to my friends and stuff like that. (To which I said I definitely THOUGHT of him as my boyfriend even if the WORD boyfriend sometimes sticks in my throat and makes me giggle. And he says that is totally okay, so long as HE can call ME his girlfriend. Hee hee hee!) He is just so freaking NICE to me! And... yes... Fresno is my BOYFRIEND.


Anyway, could be weirder... like my dream last night. THAT was weirder. I dreamed I wanted to PRACTICE kissing before Fresno came to Utah again. And so I was supposed to kiss this random guy (not a real person, just someone my dream brain made up) and we were kissing, but then he tried to French me. But him putting his tongue in my mouth SO disgusted me that I threw up... INTO the guys mouth. EEW?! I woke up almost feeling sick for REAL because it was so vivid and YUCKY.

I do not want to think about that now. *shudder* I do NOT need that dream again and I should feed my babies and go to bed. But I am feeling lazy. So I think they will have something I prepared before and froze. Probably Mango. That always goes over well. And then, of course, BML and a few wiggly mealworms.



  1. i concur with the dream. ick.

    awww ... but look at those cute ... giant ... doggies ... hehehehehe ... i love your mom. lol.

  2. funny.... scott said the same thing...

    only he said rats instead of gliders ;)

  3. Well, Scott's a punk and so are you! Besides he is getting an illegal SKUNK so he has no room to tease. (even though I am totally jealous of him and want a Skunk, too...

    that I would name De Stijl...

    and it would be adorable.)

    But yeah, it was a REALLY gross dream.