Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I. Totally -Didn't know what I. King-Jordan looked like till now

I had a bad (and weird) Depression day. I don't know why. Wasn't logical, had to mostly be stupid and chemical and indicative of a need to change meds which I have known for awhile but still trying to schedule doctors and stuff. But whatever the reason, today I have been bawling at the drop of a hat.

I went to the pool with my mom this afternoon and somehow ended up crying my head off. In front of people. And get this, it was mostly over a conversation that I need to get some good FARM shoes that are easier to clean than my sneakers, but the same comfort level. I don't know WHY that made me cry, really... and my mom sure didn't either. She was looking at me like I was crazy.

For good reason. It WAS crazy! So freaking embarrassing. Crying my head off about... shoes?! DUMB DUMB DUMB. Bleh.

And even while I was crying I was thinking "This is stupid. WHY AM I CRYING?!"

I mean, when we talked about missing BoyKid, THAT made both of us almost cry... but not even past almost. No, it was talking about shoe shopping that pushed me over the edge. Good hell sometimes I hate myself.

Okay, happy thoughts to keep me semi-sane:

*I did my water aerobics. That was good of me.
*I cleaned the glider cage, so my babies are happy and unstinky for right now.
*The Roomie and I worked on training the new bird, Buddy and her other parrot, McKenzie and made SOME progress with both of them. I like working with the animals, and The Roomie is a VERY good trainer and seems to be able to get them to do just about ANYTHING for her. Like Dr. Doolittle. (The REAL book, not the movies, mind you...)
*I LOVE FiberOne oats & chocolate bars. They are my new mostly healthy candy bar fix!
*THIS made me giggle... a lot. I *HEART* the quote AND the Lego-ified vignette! Sherpa, that totally cracked me up

Also today I watched a really interesting documentary about Deaf history called Through Deaf Eyes. It was FASCINATING, funny, sad, just an all around good documentary. It should air again tomorrow night, I think. I think I'll record it and keep it with my growing number of videos in American Sign Lagugae that I keep hoping will help me learn. I have been thinking more about what the heck I am going to DO with my life. And I think, though not YET, I am going to go back to school to finish what I planned on before getting sick... get my ASL interpreter's license and my Bachelor's degree. (Deaf studies and ASL... with a possibility of someday getting my Master's in Library Science.) But for now I will just work as much as I can at TGP and start practicing more on my Signs and then after awhile hire Thai as a tutor. Sometime later I will go back to UVSC.

Oh, but I suppose it might be UVU by then... I am not sure when that happens for sure. I still think the name is annoying. I voted for just shortening it to Utah Valley State. Chisel off the C on the signs or something... much smoother than Utah Valley University. But whatever.

Anyway, I need to go to bed. I have to be to TGP by NINE. That means waking up VERY early for me... actually by this time I may have better luck STAYING awake all night. SIGH.


  1. UVU. Happened 2/28. My neighbor told me the other day.

    And I LOVE that lego and quote ... hilarious!!!

  2. I'm sorry about your crying. . . I hate it! Know how you feel.

    Happy thoughts: hmm. . .wouldn't it be UVSU? Just as long.

  3. Must have been something in the air yesterday...I wasn't feeling so great, either.
    off to check Sherpa's blog. Thanks for the quote. :)

  4. yeah. why isn't it Utah Valley State University?

    UVU? That's like... i'm going to call it "You-View"

  5. Nope, Cupcake, that would be MUCH too logical for UVSC. Seriously, they DO have good programs but the school has Over-All Stupidity issues. They only just recently stopped using social security numbers as Student IDs even though that is technically illegal, they have good teachers but spend their energy trying to pick fights with BYU by making sure everyone knows they are NOT a church school by doing all they can to encourage opposite behavior... not of the SCHOOL but of the faith and values. Uncool.

    And yet, they are the only ones around here going to have a full Deaf and ASL program. And I got my associates there. So I have a love/hate relationship with it.

  6. It doesn't become UVU until July 1, 2008. Ironically I didn't know that until I spotted my favorite UVSC sign...just off the freeway onramp on University Parkway with the student doing the peace sign with his ridiculous soul patch, as if to say "Suck that BYU."

    Sorry about the crying though...I know PRECISELY how you feel though. Stupid tear ducts...randomly ejecting tears...grrr

  7. Yeah... ok.. that's a great idea... set yourself apart from BYU by having only three letters... ending in U... and having a middle letter that is symmetrical... just like BYU... and... yeah.


    love/hate... kind of like Weber...

  8. "you-view" sounds like U of U but there is one of those already ... hey! maybe they're just copying them ...

    good to know it changes this summer. hubby ought to get his rear in gear and start applying.

  9. through deaf eyes was awesome. my mom was going to tape it for her friend, but couldn't figure out how to tape it from the HDTV. the equilibrium movie thingy totally tripped me out.

    crying sucks. if i lived NOT 8 hours away... i would come by and cheer you up.