Sunday, April 1, 2007

You are What You Eat? (Fast, Cheap, and Easy?)

(WARNiNG: this is going to be a rather random entry because I just have a lot of thoughts today.)

I *heart* General Conference.

First of all, there is a semi-rebellious joy in doing "church" in your PJs. I know, I know. Most of the world has to go to their church building to see it and so still dresses up. And some people are just extra righteous and dress up to sit on their couch and watch. Kudos and brownie points to you. But I am lazy and don't and maintain that I learn just as much from the Lord's mouthpiece while wearing my pajamas. ("Don't worry, senior! I will take care of your Payamas!")

(btw, You can TELL I feel that way because of this AWESOME graphic portraying PJs as ANGELIC! Ha!)

2nd of all, this was a an extra good conference, I think. I am anxious for the transcripts to be up so I can read over stuff I've forgotten the details of. It's just nice to feel buoyed up, you know? There was so much about, like, the BASICS. Which we need... anyway, I know *I* need. Stuff about the Bible, being Christian, etc. About the grace of Christ, his sacrifice for us, and following his example.

Also, I just LOVE our Prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley. You feel how close he is to the Lord when he talks... but he is also just funny and kind. It is interesting to compare... and please don't take this wrong... but I am right now watching the Solemn Mass of Palm Sunday in Rome right now with the Pope. It is interesting, and respectful, and you can see the devotion.

However, it is just DIFFERENT. Solemn... and in Latin, of course. Rather than the often jovial and usually plain spoken gospel shared during conference. Again, I am not knocking it by any means. It is a beautiful show of appreciation for the sacrifice of our Savior. It is just... different.

Anyway, on a completely different topic, I play with dolls. Despite being a tomboy as a kiddlet, I DID play with dolls. Even Barbies. Granted, my Barbies spent the majority of the time spending the night at haunted houses (usually haunted by a lot of headless Barbie and Ken corpses), rappelling down the stairs (tied at the end of a jump rope), or running an orphanage for weird, big headed children (Strawberry Shortcakes) when a lot of other kids' Barbies were dating Kens and changing clothes a lot.

However, it seems that while some little girls grow out of dolls, I am going the OTHER direction. Because right now it seems I can't get enough of them online. I make "candybar" dolls at eLouai.

I make superhero dolls.

Turn into an M&M.

I even spend ridiculous amounts of time at GaiaOnline, not just playing with the doll, but earning imaginary money to buy imaginary clothes (and pets) for my imaginary self.And now a 3D, animated Meez... which for some reason won't work right now so I will therefore just show a screenshot of it.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what I did in my spare time this weekend. Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!

In other news, my boyfriend is a big BABY. He got bit by a spider. Now he is CONVINCED it is a brown recluse. (DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK if you are SQUEAMISH!!!) To be fair, it sounds like a NASTY bite and so I am glad he is going to get it checked out tomorrow. But I told him to take a Tylenol and a Benadryl in the meantime. He still whined about it a lot. But I *have* to admit that "taking care of him" even from a distance DOES make me feel good and girlfriendy! I am such a dork. But he's so stinking cute!!!


  1. yes, you really are a dork. hee hee hee... it makes me feel slightly more healthy, normal and well-adjusted.

    I love gaia. hee hee.

  2. You realize that you called him your BOYFRIEND!!!!! You are making progress. ;) YAY!!!!!

  3. I KNOW! I did it on purpose. I was pretty proud of myself.