Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Getting Punched! (You know... SORT of.)

Seriously, could I be more of a klutz? I dropped a 3-hole punch on my ankle just now and I am wondering if I BROKE it. "It" meaning that dumb little sticky-out ankle bone the "talus," not the 3-hole punch. It hurts SO BAD I want to scream. Add that to my shoulders post-pony and I feel like eating a bottle of aspirin.... and crying. But I promise I won't as it wouldn't help. Actually, that promise is only for the first thing. I did/am/will the latter.

I *am* going to take an ibuprofen, though, and maybe wrap it. Then if it still hurts this bad tomorrow for the field trip I MAY have to get it x-rayed. Yep, tomorrow is a Farm Country field trip, if I can handle it. I don't know yet. Yesterday was an in the office day. That means a whole lot of time on the computer (mostly at the UEN's site for Core requirements) trying to write some curriculum and put together booklets for each grade for the dinosaur museum. It is an ongoing project, obviously. I can't do it in one day. But it is going much slower than I would like... I have been out of education other than just substitute teaching for way too long. I am rusty at it, lesson plans and the like. It
used to be second nature. Now I struggle. But still, I like having work, in general, though the money isn't much. But having something to do, somewhere to go, things to learn... keep me from going crazier than I already am. Chemical Depression and stuff is annoying enough without unemployment putting an extra strain on it all.

Hurting is a pain (no pun intended), but I really do need to look at my life in a happier way. I mean, look. I have a job, a decent roommate, influence of the Lord's Gospel, cute sugar gliders, a sweet boyfriend, supportive parents, DSL, indoor plumbing, and a cell phone. And I am pretty blessed. If I can just focus on things like that, then I should be a pretty cheerful person.

Being positive is good, right?

But so is getting sleep. So with that I am off. Peace out!


  1. Ow. Hope it's better and you didn't break your ankle -- if it's the stickie outie part on the inner or outer ankle, it's a "malleolus" -- part of the bones of the calf, actually. if it's lower and it's your heel, that's the talus, which joins with the malleoli to form the ankle joint. okay ... i think i'm done with the anatomy lesson...

  2. Aw BA, sometimes I don't know whether to laugh with you or hug you. Sheesh, the things you do. I hope your Lateral Malleolus gets better!! Thank goodness for Ibuprofen!

  3. It still hurts like crazy, but it is not broken. Okay, and totally confused who you ARE, Ani?

    Are you Coats? Annette? or Ehu?

  4. anyway... I don't know what else to say. lol. other than ouch...

    I myself stepped on a pushpin tonight which went straight through my flip flop and into my foot!

  5. I got that a a bit after going to her blog. hee hee!

    And ouch to you, too! I have stepped on those many times and it amazing how something so little can hurt so MUCH!