Friday, March 16, 2007

Macho is SCARY!

I am a BAD Girlfriend. Last night I was not feeling good and the phone was in the other room and I FIGURED it was Fresno but thought, Meh... he'll call back. I'm not getting out of bed to answer. But when I listened to his message I felt TERRIBLE!

HIS HOUSE HAD JUST BEEN ROBBED! He came home (to his old house where they are in the process of moving, but he was the only one staying there that night) and thought his roomies had done more packing, because things were missing, but then he saw broken things all over and that the door was kicked wide open! He sounded so scared on the message it made me cry! And you KNOW this wouldn't have happened if the dogs had been there. Even though they are really just sweethearts, you wouldn't go into a house that had 2 monster canines barking in it. He was just SO upset, though!

"They took everything! There was money, spare car and house keys so they can come pack, watches, a ring I was going to give you, a wallet, silverware and it's not fancy silverware, but everything! Some pretty expensive stuff!"

Obviously, hearing that message I was pretty scared, too... though in a different way (RING?! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!). But mostly I just felt bad for poor Fresno! At the end he sounded ready to CRY and just said "I wish I was living in Utah NOW."

So do I. (But not ready for that whole, uhh RING thing, so I am just pretending it was a mood ring or something innocuous like that.)

But it's NOT really "Happy Valley" anyway. I mean, I was living in Provo, Utah when my Jeep was stolen. And my identity... still dealing with that. You are really not safe ANYWHERE. That is just so sad.

I hope he calls back soon! He STAYED there. I would have gathered up all I could and went to the new house IMMEDIATELY! But he has to be all dumb and manly and stay there "in case they come back." Hello, that is why you should LEAVE! IN CASE THEY COME BACK! He needs to hurry and call me. And hurry and move. I just don't like it AT ALL.

Anyway, right now I have to leave because we are going to a St. Patrick's Day dinner and to read BoyKid's new letter! I am sort of wondering now if my padres plan on having a dinner for EVERY time we get a missionary letter. Either way, free food and fun letter to read!

Aaaaand we're back!

I love my baby brother. Who is THAT spiritual? Like reading his letters, it's just... yeah. WOW. The kid is way more in tune than I ever was... or likely will be. And yet he is still a silly teenage kid and you can hear that, too.

But, I admit today my brain is still elsewhere. Fresno better call soon.


  1. Scary scary scary! Man, I am so sorry about that! I hope Fresno is ok in his machoism...and that they DON'T come back...freaky robber dudes. :(

  2. holy scary! they took your ring!!!

    hee hee...

  3. Robbers don't usually come back right away. They'll wait until you replace stuff. true story -- got broken into twice in an apartment in springville; i don't know what they took since i was broke and there was nothing worth stealing, but stuff was messed up a bit ... a month later, it happened again. after that, i got dogs and put a target from my recent range-shooting trip where the center was obliterated into the front window ... never got broken into again.

  4. I know the boy was upset (I'd be terrified too, I was home once in NC when someone tried to rob us... long scary story)... BUT you don't just drop a "ring I was going to give you" in a voice mail!!!!

    Granted it could be a .25 vending machine ring... but still!

  5. Man, I don't even know the guy and I feel so bad for terrible. And ditto on your ring reaction. WHOA.

    I doubt they'll come back, seriously.