Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fame... but no Fortune

Today at TGP...

Okay, wait, I got corrected on this. I should actually call Thanksgiving Point, TPI as the actual "company" is called Thanksgiving Point Institute. And Thanksgiving is one word anyway. It's like on the mission, in Texas, there was this place called Bodacious BBQ. But a certain really dumb Elder (who we hated) would call it the BDB. (No, not Parker. We LIKED him.) So it became a Fringe thing to say because it was stupidly funny. Because Bodacious got 2 letters and Barbecue only got one, never mind the actual restaurant was named BBQ not Barbecue.

Anyway, random. And, just like still saying BDB, I probably will continue to call Thanksgiving Point, TGP.

SO, today at TGP I had "Guest Services Training." It was 6 hours of being talked at, and I was EXHAUSTED. However, the presenter was actually very good. And she used a number of videos to illustrate principles and they were funny. Here are as many as I can find (the first is my absolute favorite). For SOME REASON, Blogger is giving me fits about embedding tonight. I USED to be able to do it fine. Now, apparently it only likes links. Sorry for that. GRRRR.


There is a longer version, but we just saw this one. I had seen it before but it still cracks me up.

Canceling AOL
By the way this is so SO true. SERIOUSLY. I once tried AOL and I got ALMOST this much trouble trying to cancel.

So, it makes me return to my frustration that they didn't list Wilson, the volleyball as a character in the credits of Cast Away. That would have really made me happy. Anyway, this has nothing to do with Wilson. It just reminded me. Oh, and if you haven't seen Cast Away is isn't AS funny, but still really good.

Anyway, it wasn't all YouTube, unfortunately, we actually had to learn stuff (hee hee!) but it was pretty interesting. And during a break the presenter lady and a few of us were talking politics. And I feel a little famous and proud. Because we were talking about No Child Left Behind and I said the reason it didn't work was, like many things, it was a perfect concept, but for imperfect people. And she asked if she could QUOTE me, like in an article. And she kept thinking my points were good. So I was having a smart moment.

Oh, I had one of those awhile ago in here, in my blog. Because someone commented on one of my silly Phisherman responses and said:

stephanie said...

nice. i'm always so happy to stumble upon good literature when all i set out to do was confirm my suspicions of this crook...
having worked abroad with Docs w/o Borders and Oxfam in England I was curious at best, but entirely skeptical...
you're blog is a special piece of pop-culture, in a way. Or shall become one after half the country receives this ridiculous email.
do you write professionally?

She asked if I wrote professionally... so come on all y'all, who's going to step up and start PAYING me to blog? Hee hee hee hee hee! Come on people, I am only going to make about 7 bucks an hour at T[G]P(I). If you want to pay me use one of my links to shop at Amazon or something. Or, you know, just send me money for spinning a pretty phrase. I would totally be cool with that.

Okay, to be completely honest, I would LOVE to be paid to write. Or draw. Or take care of my critters. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be hiring professional author-artist-sugar[glider] mamas. So I will have to settle for low-wage earning farmer-dinosaur teacher-birthday party hostess-office geek-goat photographer-pony poop scooper. And that's okay for now. :O)

Anyway, I am going to go to bed early tonight. Hopefully my earlier exhaustion will help me fall asleep. Just feed the babies, read a little scripture, talk to Fresno (if he calls), pray, and *hopefully* drift off into slumber before I wake up and go to work tomorrow feeling LESS like a zombie.


  1. Wow, I wish I had a dollar for everytime he said "Cancel the account". That was crazy!!

  2. i didn't even watch the aol one. but the fedex one... hilarious.

  3. I watched the FedEx man, that would have made me sick if that were real life. However, I loooved "CastAway"!!

  4. I HAVE NO SOUND! I went to watch these and apparently somehow I've deleted the driver for my sound card. Poor driver.

    I did enjoy reading the AOL one however, that's NUTS.

  5. we're going to publish your poems though... you'll see. This summer I want to lay them out.

  6. Oh! I totally forgot about that! We ARE going to do that.

  7. Man...No Child Left Behind...*sigh* I could rant on about that one for a while. In a nutshell though, I TOTALLY agree with you. For me it is a very good idea but the execution has been all wrong. And no one in particular is to blame for that. It's just...not working.

  8. EXACTLY. I don't really BLAME anybody for it... not teachers, not legislators... it was great at conception. But NCLB (we call it "Nickle-B") basically should be scrapped and re-done. Right now it is just hurting children and teachers both, and that is when it does anything at all.

    The idea of requiring some sort of accountability of quality for teachers and schools is excellent. Education has been so romanticized that it just gets put up on a pedestal because people don't want it to seem like a business. But it IS and pretending it's not and allowing, for instance, TENURE, to come before the needs of the students is ONLY harmful.

    Anyway, soap box. But yeah. Nickle B's a B***C.