Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Shoelaces, the Gift of Tongues, and Dogs the Size of Horses

Where to start? This week... wow.

For one thing I have had a really sick feeling for the past few weeks bout Megan. I felt like she was suicidal. And I felt like she was hospitalized. I think I even SAID so. To Mali? Or CC? Did I, Mali? Steph? Say she was hospitalized? Because I don't know why I said it. At all. I didn't know she was committed, until today when she finally called me back and said she had finally been released. But I felt it. Somehow, I knew
she was in the hospital before she said anything. Because she is my Megan, I guess. If that makes sense. Anyway, she is home now, but still under close watch... with lots of doctor's appointments. That is good.

One thing that made me giggle (and cry, simultaneously) was when she was telling me about getting released "...and they told me, oh and you have this appointment today and that one tomorrow..."

"Hey, that's cool. Being in the hospital is like having a secretary!"

"Yeah, a secretary that steals your shoelaces."


"They unthreaded my shoes... because they do that dangerous job of holding shoes to my feet!"

"Shoelaces? Dang, chica! You suicidal people are creative!"

"Heck yes we are!" she laughed.

I remember the first time she was in there. They wouldn't let her have magazines
until they pulled the staples out. But that would take some serious talent to hang yourself with shoelaces, that's what I have to think anyway.

Anyway, we talked a long time. It was good. I have missed her terribly. She is my Megan... She is my best friend, my cousin... but she is also... the person I would die for... my spirit's twin... I don't know. She is my MEGAN. And I hurt very deeply when she does. I try to not let it worsen my OWN Depression and such, but it is hard. I just have to focus on the good stuff... that she is okay enough to be out... that she is getting help she needs... that her wonderful hubby St. Jakey is there for her. But... yeah. HARD.

But today was also an important day in our family for the BoyKid! Today we all went
with him the the church to be with him as he was set apart as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and given a very beautiful blessing that he would be protected, that our family would be blessed, that he would learn Italian by the Gift of Tongues.

BoyKid cried a LOT. I think he is getting nervous. But he will do good. He really will. Tomorrow we take him to the Missionary Training Center and say goodbye for 2 years. I am going to miss him... a LOT. We all will. That kid is hilarious. Italy doesn't know how lucky it is.

After the setting apart, blessing, and firming up tomorrow's plan, Fresno called and cheered me up quite a bit. He was exhausted though. After work he was shampooing carpets all day at the new house (the one in Cali... he plans to get one in UTAH, too... but in August or so)! He closed on it just a few days ago and got the keys the same day he got a call from his brother that THEY were moving... to somewhere with no fence and yard. Why does that matter? Well, because it meant that a few days ago I got a phone call so excited I thought the boy had won the lottery.

"Remember how I have wanted a dog so much?! Especially after playing with [The Roomie]'s when I came last time?" Remember that?!"


"And remember how I was so happy that the house had a good yard with a fence?!"

"Yes! Did you get a DOG?!"

"No! I got 2 dogs! My brother is giving me his 2 IRISH WOLFHOUNDS!!!! And they're free! And I love them and they are mine and they are big..."

"Umm... [Fresno], they are HUGE. Irish Wolfhounds are GIANT."

"I KNOW! Isn't that great?!"

Fresno is now the proud papa of 2 of the tallest dog breed in the world - a sister and brother named Demi and Darby. He gets to pick them up tomorrow and he is absolutely FLYING he is so hyper. IT IS SO CUTE. Irish Wolfhounds are far from my favorite breed... but I think I can
love them. HE sure does. Over the moon, that boy. Adorable. Well, and he is such a Celticphile. Obsessed with ALL things Irish. I think he is slightly crazy... 2... TWO of those puppies?! Oh and they are NOT puppies. He says they'll be 4 years old May 6th. But yeah 2 monsters bred to hunt wolves (but these ones better not hunt anything other than squeaky toys or I would have a MAJOR problem) and he is talking about brushing them everyday, and buying them cute things (seriously. He can be SUCH a girl!) and teaching them the same tricks Trinket and Shasta know. SIGH.

But his excitement is contagious, and besides... well, I can not resist ANY furry face! He promised to take pictures for me. For now I am just looking at Irish Wolfhound websites all the time. Hee hee hee hee!

Yesterday, when we were swimming, my mom and I were talking about him. At the end of it she asked, "but, seriously, don't you think you will marry him? Eventually?" I admitted I did. EVENTUALLY. And my hesitation has nothing to do with what he is (ie: near PERFECT for me) and everything to do with me and what I fear about myself.

Anyway, also tonight Fresno was teasing me, like usual. We were talking about BoyKid going.

"So, did he ask you if you were going to be married while he was gone?"

"No, he did NOT ask that."

"My brother got married while I was on my mission. They didn't even tell me. Rude, huh?"

"Well, I think that is HORRIBLE! Not to even tell you? Your brother was a jerk."

"They said they sent an announcement. But they lied... or it got lost. I guess that's possible."

"Well, anyway. That is dumb. Not even to tell you."

"So do you think they should have waited for me?"

"Hmm... I don't know. Maybe. You don't really LIKE your brother, so probably not. But maybe if you liked your brother..."

"You really like your's, huh."


"But I think I understood them not waiting. And wasn't mad or felt bad."

"Umm... yes you DID. You said they were rude!"

"Oh yeah. But... umm... maybe if my new in-law was COOL then I would not have wanted them to wait for me. As long as they TOLD me. Like maybe with a funny package."

"Hmmm... maybe. We'll see."

Then I changed the topic and we talked about Conference time when he is coming next and how we missed each other and other such patheticity. And more about the dogs and the houses and his disabled cousin that he takes care of suddenly getting to spend time with his dad who hasn't seen him in 12 years! It was good to talk. I miss him.

I seem to be MISSING a lot of people lately. But, as the Stake President said (well, to the same effect anyway), how great is it to have so many people in our lives that are worth being missed?


  1. eeep. I'm glad Megs has Jakey and is doing better. And yes. Shoelaces. They'll also take straps off of backpacks.

    Sometimes I hate my job. And not because of my company but because I hear about stuff like that when I'm doing psych reports.

    And that's a HILARIOUS conversation Fresno started ... and ... eventually could be sooner than you think, sweetie. Once you both know ... you know. And guess what? So does Satan. And he'll try to mess things up. So ... yeah. BoyKid will understand. :)

  2. You did tell me about Megs. And I've been praying for her 'cause I remember a time when people honestly thought we were twins.

    That's so exciting about Fresno! Everything! Awesome! And I'm glad he is coming for Conference...though will you two actually pay attention to the brethren rather than one another? ;)

  3. Holy Crap.

    You never told me. You told me Megs wasn't doing well though.

    I had a teacher that has two Wolfhounds.... he use to bring the boy to school... it was still a puppy... and HUGE...

    but they're AWESOME and so even tempered and good dogs.... YAY!!!

  4. Fresno says stuff like that AAAAALL the TIME, too. Because he is pretty SURE about stuff, but he knows I get mad at him for saying so DIRECTLY and always tell him stuff like "slow down, buster." or "hey, could we try living in the same STATE first?!" So he just teases me and dances around it in a way that I KNOW what he is saying but can't get mad.

    And Mali, we were PRETTY good in Church, weren't we? Okay, no we weren't GOOD, but no worse than I usually am. And at least we are not the coupley-couples who spend the whole time leaning on shoulders and giving back rubs all through the meeting. Hee hee hee!

    And Yeah, CC, I haven't met a real one yet, but from what I have read they ARE "gentle giants" and really sweet. And they are growing on me (I LOVE that second picture!) and I am excited to meet them. Fresno just LOVES these guys.

  5. I LOVE THOSE DOGS! My uncle had one when we were younger and we would ride it. Like a pony. ;-) They can be such gentle giants.

    That's a fun conversation you had... talk about a hint hint!

  6. Yeah...I guess you were pretty good. Stacked up to other couples, yes I would have to say I appreciated your silly flirting antics to the typical make out sessions one is wont to see in a Sacrament Meeting. Yuck!