Friday, March 2, 2007

I Don't Want a Wii... I can't even Handle a We!

Fresno is the sweetest *gulp*BOYFRIEND*gulp* in the whole world, but I still get awful weirded out by his commitment. Commitment is so scary! And then there are the We statements. He says them so NATURALLY. Like he doesn't even THINK about them! When I say We it is only after tumbling it around in my head for forever and even then I usually end up whispering it pathetically. But he is throwing around Wes like they're going out of style!

Like, while looking at house. "...We could get that one..." and my brain is screaming NO! No, that is YOUR house! THIS is MY house! That one creeped me out.

However, I AM getting more okay with it. Like, rather than my brain screaming it is just GIGGLING and thinking WE? What the?! when I was talking about BoyKid's mission and me writing him and Fresno busts out smoothly with this "...yeah, and we will write him once a week, and sometimes we can make him packages!"

However, even though I am still neurotic as hell about this whole Boy thing, I really like him. I *think* I love him. And I think that EVENTUALLY, maybe, I might just end up married to Fresno. But before I let that happen there are many MANY things about myself I need to fix. And it will be awhile, despite what he seems to think. But, yeah, it is still probably going to happen if I can keep myself together anyway.

Oh, and randomly, he is so GOOD. He had a good friend die some time ago, and he did his work in the temple. Well, now he is doing his friend's parents' work and he asked if, so that it was more special to him, I would do the Mom's work, because then he could baptize "her" and we could plan a big temple day when he comes for General Conference. He asked really nice and all spiritual-ish, but half of me is still sort of dreading it because, well, for one thing being baptized is not exactly the most FLATTERING of things to be.

ALSO, I sort of am anti-temple DATE. My reasoning is that in the Temple you might be wondering "Hmmm... should I marry this person someday?" and you might feel all kinds of happy templey goodness and think "YES! I should!" when maybe all you are really being told is "Good job! Yay! Happy templey goodness for serving the Lord and your fellowman!!!"

And yet, I still said "Ummm, yeah, okay?" because he just ASKED so... HIM. SIGH. And that means being wet in a white jumpsuit... and probably getting all weirded out and nervous that the proxy *sealing* will seem too much like a dress rehearsal or something. Yeah. ANYWAY, like I told him (because of the way he was asking) I am honored to stand in for someone else important to him. Just... yeah... I am me.

And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the blog where Larry comes out and sings a silly song... or, umm, you know.... Friday's Faves. Without Larry.

Friday's Fave 5s

In the true spirit of girliness, Five Faves about Fresno

1. His super bluey-blue eyes. They are GORGEOUS.

2. He is HONEST in his compliments. He doesn't pretend I am a skinny model, but he tells me I am beautiful and says why he thinks so. He supports me trying to be healthier, but doesn't really care if I stay the same size in the process. Because he is realistic in his compliments, it makes him one of the few people I actually TRUST compliments from.

3. When he gets really excited like a little kid! Like when the Roomie made the dogs do tricks for us, he was, like cheering and clapping! It was HILARIOUS! Especially when we are being really silly and talking like dolphins or making up things for the Wonder Twins to turn into and he starts GIGGLING. It is the funniest thing to me. He sounds about 5 years old when he does that. I love it.

4. His dedication to the Gospel! He really is an AMAZING holder of the holy Priesthood, and a really good EXAMPLE to me. How cool is THAT?!

5. The way he TRIES (sometimes too hard) to relate to everyone about something. No matter how different they are from him he will find SOMETHING in common to discuss with them. He is the king of "BRT" and I love it because of WHY he does it. He doesn't do it to BE salesy, he just wants everyone to feel interesting and just tries to be nice and relate to people SOMEHOW, even if he doesn't like them.


  1. AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

    I love that picture of you two. :)

  2. lol. i was just gonna say the same thing, cc. awesome pic. :)

    aaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd ... she ... er "we" be making progress. ;)

  3. Yeah, he took that when we were playing in the canyon. One of those arm out self-shot things, but I like it.(For one because even though my face always seems to look DRUNK, I look LITTLER in it. hee hee hee!)

  4. I don't know why you think you always look drunk.

    I think we should get you some new trendy glasses though. hee hee

  5. I'm in love with your love. :-) So cute. I go away for a week and there's so much to catch up on!