Sunday, March 25, 2007

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I like boys. I always have. I was a tomboy all my life and my best friends were always boys till I got into high school, and I didn't become all *girly* then, either, I just became shyer and awkward. Anyway, I pretty much have the BEST boys in my life right now. Of course, there are my "Lost Boys." Those "adopted" little brothers that I have collected... Parker and Jeppers from the Fringe, Cousin Jas from SUU, Gilch the JW in DC, and a few others. But mostly there is the Brother and the Boyfriend. BoyKid and Fresno. I think BoyKid and Fresno are the 2 best boys I know. Funny, righteous, good.

This week's letter from Anziano BoyKid was just so HIM. He wrote a whole page about how much he KNEW that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of the Lord. He talked about truly having the Gift of Tongues with the amazing speed he was learning Italian. But he ALSO wrote:
Okay, I have 2 stories for ya. Story 1: My companion was trying to kill me (with love. (I think!)) and I defended myself with hand sanitizer. It worked and was really funny until it got in his eyes. Then I felt really sorry. But he forgave me, mostly. Story 2: One of the Sorelle has the weakest stomach in the world. Me and my companion made her throw up (Accidentally! I promise!) 2 times by telling her stories. It was fantastic! She forgave us, I think.
It is just nice to know that the MTC hasn't given him a personalitiectomy. Just like before he left, he is still very spiritual and yet very much a teenage boy. I so love my little bro!

[I will continue this... probably with a lot of blabbing about Fresno... tomorrow. Because my Turtle's basking lamp has gone off and I decided that is how I would make myself go to bed by 1. Anyway, Yeah. Time to feed the furrbabies, Besides I SHOULD have gone to bed even EARLIER since 1. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. 2. I have work all day after that. I am working on writing Dinosaur Museum curriculum. It is an Office Day. Not QUITE as fun and random as Farm Country days, but I like the dino museum, too, and I will need to hang out there a bit tomorrow between office times. So it is good.]

So, yeah, Fresno is, well, pretty perfect.

He is SO stressed right now. First of all, hello, the ROBBERY. But also, his french shower of landlord may ruin his much needed break from things there to come here to Utah for LDS General Conference. HOW, you may wonder? GOOD FREAKING QUESTION. His Landie [claims he] thinks that if Fresno goes to Utah [for the WEEKEND!] that he won't come BACK, won't pay his rent or find him a renter. OKAY, that is RIDICULOUS, but whatever. SO he says that if Fresno leaves the state before the house is rented he is "not consider ANY renters until after the lease is up" and that Fresno will be responsible for every cent of that rent till the end of June. SO STUPID! But, yeah technically legal. Sure, legally he can't forbid him to leave California. He's a landlord, not a parole officer! But he CAN legally hold him to the contract of his lease. Catch 22. POO! GRRRRR!

Fresno is honest to a fault! He would NOT skip out on his rent ANYWAY, but this jerk KNOWS that and therefore he has been turning DOWN rental applications left and right that Fresno sends to him. I think he doesn't WANT to accept anybody because none of them will be as reliable as Fresno anyway. What a great reward for being such a reliable tenant, eh?


Anyway, yeah, he is very stressed. And that stresses ME. But to be honest, finding that out about the Landie made me much LESS stressed. Don't misunderstand. I DO want him to come this weekend. I have been missing him a LOT lately. But right before he called and we talked about that being why he was sad, he had sent me an email that just said "Can I call you tonight? We need to talk." And with that my girl brain went OH NO OH NO OH NO! and when he called he was all "hey" and sounded super sad it was like OH NO OH NO OH NO! Because yeah, my dumb brain.

And the affect boys have on it.


  1. I'm a fan of men instead, well one man in particular. Gosh, your brother's a crack-up! I've always wondered what it'd be like to have that AntiBacterial gel shot in the eye would feel like.

    Hey, about Fresno's 'landie'...By any chance is her name Amy?

  2. "We need to talk." Four of the most ominous words in the English language when it comes to boy-girl relationships. I said them to hubby once (actually ... about two hours before he proposed ...) and he thought I was dumping him, but no, just needed to talk to him. Talked it all out and he popped the question. And I said maybe.

    ANYWAY. BoyKid still cracks me up. And Fresno's landie ... oy. Let's just say ... sounds kinda familiar in relation to a former roomie. grrrrr.