Saturday, December 16, 2006

So I called Santa tonight...

and he just told me I was talking back to my "Grown Ups!"
HOW DID HE KNOW?! (And also I think I may start calling my parents my grown ups.) Seriously, Trevor sent me the toll-free number. (1-800-972-6242) I think he may say different things different days though.

"Do you know what real grown-ups don't do? They don't call themselves grown-ups. They say adults. And they pronounce it aw-dawlt." - Lorelai, Gilmore Girls

I think I am ready for Christmas... mostly. Or as ready as I am going to be for the trip other than the last minute stuff that I KNOW I will forge
t till then, and the fact that I am really nervous about leaving my sugar babies with a kennel, even though I checked them out and trust it and stuff. They are still my babies and I have never left them this long on purpose and so I have all these scary ideas of things that could happen while I am gone.

Anyway, so I am nervous to leave the critters... excited to go to Hawai'i... and half amused/half doomed at the thought of that long of a time with MY FAMILY in confined spaces. *shudder*

Oh the Family Vacation. It may be in Paradise, but it is still Paradise with Padre and his "WE ARE HAVING FUN WHETHER YOU WANT TO OR NOT!" Rinny who will eventually not get her way which will mean sulking and pouting etc.
But I am hoping that the sound of the surf and drums will just drown that ALLLL out. Hee hee hee hee hee!

I actually really am really psyched. Just nervous to get too happy because I am afraid that *I*, not Padre or Rinny or whatever, will be the one screwing up this Tropical holiday with my medical self. And I really really don't want that. Therefore, even though shots are just below public speaking in my levels of hell and terror, on Monday I am going to ask for another giant Cortizone injection. They are bad for me... they screw up my diabetes for awhile and I can only have a few a year... but they work and nothing else does. So for the trip, I will have to be on insulin shots again. I really don't want to. But I better than intense pain the whole trip I suppose. I don't know. I hate this headache thing SO VERY MUCH. AAAAAAARGH!!!!


  1. now you're on a plane to HAWAI'I!!!!

    lucky punk

  2. I like Steph's "Lucky Punk" should make a shirt outta that!