Sunday, December 10, 2006

O Tanning-Balm O Tanning-Balm...

Today (as in Saturday... I know, technically, it is Sunday now) was actually pretty good! The weather was PRETTY and I decided that tomorrow (technically today) I will put up Christmas lights on the outside not just on our Charlie Brown Tree. No, WORSE than a Charlie Brown Tree because at least that one had an excuse. At least it was REAL. mine is FAKE and 24 inches tall... but it is MY TREE DAMN IT ALL!!! And I WILL have a tree no matter my situation. That is why I bought it a few years ago. It is pathetic. But it is PERMANENT. Also, with us not being AROUND this Christmas, I may not get a real tree but I will have just a fraction of that tradition here at my own little "Ark."

Our Tree at home has the weirdest ornaments. There are these hideous 70's ones from when my parents were first married, a gingerbread clay "Christmas Frog" that BoyKid made in kindergarten that looks like (I am not exaggerating) a pile of dog poop with a paper clip in the top, fancy ornaments friends have given us as gifts, Popsicles stick frames around pictures I made in 2nd grade... our tree is NOT the prettiest, but I love it and it means Christmas to me more than anything else because it means memories and family.

My little wannabe tree only has about 25 ornaments total, but it is the same sort of thing. There are 3 or 4 people gave me on the mission, a couple I have made, a few cheap ones I bought with roommates ate various apartments. It's not quite the same, but it's colorful and fun and it makes me happy to sit and stare at it. I even put my 4 or 5 Christmas books under it. (At home before there were gifts, there were the
books. Any Christmas books were out and under the tree so we could climb under there and read one. I loved that and it totally works with my view of books (And I am so putting up that SinFest Comic, later Steph, but NOT on this post.))

Anyway, I just got a little Nostalgic there. Hee hee hee hee!

SO, the other reason today was good was I went to ShaBang's Waffle, Christmas Stories, and Pajama Party. Okay, so that is what I called it when I told Fresno about it and he was teasing me. "So what are you going to do? Are you allowed to do anything NOT in the title?"

Later I asked him about his Work Christmas party. He called it his "Walk Around Talking to People Normal and Wearing Normal Clothes Drinking Punch Party."


I *SO* Like Him.

He wants to see me NEW YEARS. Hello, he JUST saw me Thanksgiving, but yeah, he wants to make ANOTHER trip and well, if he is okay with it, *I* sure am... SIGH! Actually we may play in Vegas. I know, Sin City... but we promise not to Sin... or City. I am so loopy. Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!

ANYWAY, sorry I am easily distracted.

The party was fun. People
brought kids which always makes things funnier. We told Christmas stories and it was just funny because most people told them out of picture books, with us all sitting around in a circle on the floor in jammies... and yet they ONLY ones actually sitting and listening to the stories are us supposed grown ups and the kids are all over the place but NONE of them are anywhere near the stories. hee hee hee! (By the way, I have heard Wings That Work before and this just renewed the fact I need to own that book!) However, eventually my head told me to go home. Not my BRAIN, I mean my actual head which did it's hurting dizzying thing hard core. Still, I am glad I went. It was good to see so many awesome friends from LinkUp. (Pssst... a few (though not all) are listed to your LEFT there with Blogs of their OWN! (btw, if you HAVE a blog and read me there is a good chance I either DO or SHOULD BE reading YOURS, so if you aren't listed at left, let me know. Because, you know, I need people to know my equally interesting friends have equally interesting blogs!)

So after I left and went home I remembered I was going to find something for someone, but couldn't in the dark and then a cop was following me and although I assure you I was doing nothing nefarious it DID look really suspicious so I decided I better go home for real and turned onto other brighter streets till the cop decided I probably was going home and went home. Actually I went all the way HOME-Home, to my Padres. That got me thinking about the Tree. And there ya go. But now I will take more meds and pass out awhile and hopefully have better dreams than last night because last night I had nightmares.

The End and to all a Good Night!


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    Just imagine I have suddenly lost all power to control the volume of my voice. "A little bit softer now! A little bit softer now!"

  2. hee hee hee.... I'm giggling about the cop thing still....

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