Saturday, December 2, 2006

Plans - not ALWAYS by Death Cab

I have become so high-maintenance. Between letters I get all sad and stupid and moody and miss-y. Then I get an email from Fresno and I get all giddy and girly and sickening and if I was the old me I would slap me. (By the way I think "maintenance" is the hardest ever word to spell. WHY is it not maintainance?!)

I really don't mean to talk about Fresno EVERY SINGLE POST. I really do have a life...

OH WAIT. That would be the problem. Right now I DON'T. Until after the holidays I have no job, no school, etc. I have doctors, physical therapy, pain, dumb TV, pills... and now a boy. So, considering how delightful the other aspects of my world are at present, yes, I am a bit ummm... preoccupied with this first ray of sunshine
in SO LONG! I am sorry for gushing all the time. It's just...

he likes me.

And he says such nice things and is just so cute and funny and smart and righteous and awesome.

Thus... I gush.

So, here's a little run down of the future of this crazy month!

5 Dec. this Tuesday I have my second Wellness class (Fresno will be having big tests and physicals for his new job so keeping him in prayers)

6 Dec. Thursday I have another Neurology appointment.
9 Dec. Saturday is the Linkster Christmas Stories and Waffles Pajama Party at ShaBang's Place (Who wants to come WITH me?!).
18 Dec. Monday I have another appointment with my Orthopedic specialist and take my sugar babies to the kennel in Payson and likely cry my eyes out.

I have NEVER left them this long. EVER. I am crying just thinking about it. I AM excited to go on the trip, but leaving my gliders with strangers is going to be so hard.

The 19th is when we leave. for. HAWAI'I!!!!! And we don't come back till the 28th! My family has been planning the big "when we sell the Lot we will all go to Hawai'i" trip since we BOUGHT the Lot, so I was probably 12. I still can't believe it.


  1. yay for hawai'i! yay for cute boys! do you have a layover in Cali to pick up someone? *blinks innocently*

  2. My dad is paying for HIS 3 kids to come... which is shocking in and of itself, but the idea of picking up another, even one that he DID really like watching football with... not quite. (Though, I think, if given the choice he would rather bring Fresno THAN me. Not GIVING him that choice though)

    But that WOULD be... hmmmmm....

  3. hee hee... what if Fresno could pay his way?

  4. Well, yeah... that would be... fun... and weird... and expensive.

  5. lolol. him preferring to take Fresno ... now that's funny. I don't care who ya are. I think my dad would rather do stuff with Moe at this point, lol.