Sunday, December 10, 2006

7th... Hell?

TV movies confuse me!!!

I mean, they feature people who are on famous shows, just YOUNGER. And it is hard for me to not see them AS their current TV characters. Why am I watching this? I don't know. Because the oven isn't hot enough for my fish and tater tots, I guess.

But yeah, the basic story is this. Felicity (big hair and all) is babysitting for Reverend Camden who's wife has been murdered and Clare Huxtable, Bill Cosby's wife, she's investigating it. Now Rev. Camden is having some sort of affair with Felicity, but I think Cosby Show Mom is onto him... and I think he is the murderer.

How sad... a prea
cher and everything.

Yeah, gonna turn this off. It hurts my brain.

ANYWAY, Steph and I were talking about how weird it is, well how different things can be from one year to the next. Last year if you'd have guessed about what would happen in a year... I can sure tell you that nothing could have convinced me that I might have this sweet cute boy trying to make 15 hour drives every other month just to see me. I feel blessed and lucky and in awe and twitterpated and... yeah, just all gushy and girly. Of course, I also didn't know I wouldn't have a job... or that I'd have doctor's
appointments everyday...

but it makes me wonder what... good AND bad... 2007 is going to bring. *crosses fingers and wishes for a million dollars*

This evening we had a random family thing because my dad likes to do that sort of thing. It was funny seeing the cousins and the little cousins (cousins' kiddlets), especially Brett and Annie's little boys. They are adorable and there are 3 of them... all cookie cutters of the next, all 3 under 4. And Annie is preggy, but guess what? This time with their first GIRL!!! Still I think Annie is crazy for having them that close, but then I am a little afraid of babies and stuff. But she is excited for a girl... and no wonder... in the 3 hours they were at our house Boy 1 chased people with pool cue "swords," Boy 2 ran into a table and got a black eye, and later tried to pee standing up like Boy 1 and only reached half-way up the toilet. Luckily darling baby Boy 3 just grinned a scary monster grin all time except when a Santa hat was brought out because apparently meeting Santa the day before did NOT go well and so when the hat was produced Boy 2 AND Boy 3 both bawled just at the HAT.

My Most Gossipy Aunty O. asked "where is your friend? We sure enjoyed meeting him the other day." (They were at the BYU vs. U of U Game Party.) I told her he was back in Fresno and then ducked out of the room ASAP. When he comes to BoyKid's Farewell things are going to be BUZZING!


  1. LOL. Kids. Oy. It's pretty normal at that age to be scared of Santa. And his hat.

  2. Oh my! While that is totally amusing... PLEASE Heavenly Father, let me have a GIRL next!!