Friday, December 8, 2006

Eww... You can have it. I'd rather not Share.

You MAY remember that my neighbors think the roomie and I are lesbians. Because apparently that is the ONLY conclusion to draw when girls are single and over 25 in "Happy Valley" Utah and live together. Also, because the Olds (except for a VERY few exceptions we live in an extremely Geriatric neighborhood) tried to set up one of the only other singles in the complex with the Roomie and she respectfully declined. The fact that he is almost 50 and a mentally disabled, THAT is just details...

we were just reminded of our reputation when our neighbor asked my roomie, "Now, ummm... what is your partner's name again?"

"Well... ummm... My ROOMMATE... her name..."

Well we found out why. She gave us a Christmas gift today! So she needed to write our names on the tag.

So, what do the elderly of modest means BUY the neighborhood Lesbians?

3 oranges and 1 bath puff.
Yeah, one. *shudder*

Cute... in a gross sort of way.


  1. wow. i seriously can't think of anything else to say except for how disturbing that is.

  2. The sad part is that these folks are just clueless. Totally and utterly clueless. They just don't know any better. That makes it more frustrating because it's not intentional and you can't even really justify being mad at them.

    But seriously. One bath puff? To presumably share? I'm a guy and I know that's gross.

  3. maybe you could each have a side. hee hee hee

  4. LOL. Okay, I find this hilarious, because they are *trying* to be considerate of your "relationship" but sometimes Olds don't get that by their very "consideration," they are being offensive and disturbing. You should have paraded Fresno around the neighborhood and planted one on him in front of the gossipy-est's house. lolol

  5. It sounds like your neighbors are very open-minded. That's awesome.

    I shared a house in Sugarhouse with a friend for several years. Yeah, we were the friendly neighborhood lesbian couple, I'm sure.

  6. Yeah, at first they were all pitch-forks and torches... now they are all ACCEPTING... kind of scary either way...

    Too bad they just don't get that we are NOT lesbians... neither of us just DATE well, and when we do we date online boys and therefore we DON'T take them to our condo much (per safety) so the Olds don't SEE them.

  7. That was really funny. I hope that's okay. I'm just picturing Utah County, lesbians, older LDS couples....and one bath puff. I've been laughing for almost an hour inside. (I laughed out loud at first, but sad for my roommate, she didn't ask for the story.)

  8. Oh trust me... it's okay. Because we think it is FREAKING FUNNY. And have hung our bath puff on the Christmas Tree now.

  9. ROFL! Sorry, I'm really late on seeing this but dude, that is hilarious!

    Have fun deciding who gets the bath