Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blabbing or Blogging?

My blog isn't really PRIVATE persay. I mean, I sometimes use oh-so-cryptic pseudonyms for people like Dr. BreakfastMeat and calling my brother BoyKid (but I have probably also used his real name previously), but basically I often vent here with no REAL illusion of anonyminity , but just because I 1. don't care what some people think about what I write and 2. really like the people that I do care the opinions of. 3. I like feedback, good or bad. But sometimes I *forget* it's not private. Like, well for instance, because I am freaking weird it is a LOT easier for me to blab all about how much I like Fresno than to say to Fresno, "Fresno, I like you." Why is that?! Anyway, not the point. Point is, I was talking to a friend who asked if, for instance, Fresno READS my blog to which I answered "No! I mean, ummm, maybe? I actually don't know. He COULD. But he doesn't. Or maybe he does."

And thus I realized yeah, I don't know if Fresno reads this blog, though I kind of don't think he does. Not sure WHY though, I mean if there was a link to a blog under HIS signature I sure would read it unless he said not to... particularly if so much of it
was about me. Hee hee hee!

So I guess in my brain I assume people I know don't read unless/until they say so.
And I will continue to do so (within reason. I mean, it's still the internet, so I am not going to share full names or addies or anything. But I will continue to gush like a girly girl despite the fact that I probably type things I can not say so well aloud.

[Edited: I'm not even ready to type some things.]


  1. hee hee hee...

    yeah.... so glad my boys don't read my blog.... that I know of... I think I'd know if they did... because antiBoy has read my dA journal....

  2. Okay, I've wondered this whole time if Fresno reads your blog ... lol. but then, he's a guy ... DH wouldn't read mine just because he wouldn't. lol. Although, while we were dating he might have to try and figure out if I really liked him. He still wonders that sometimes ... hahahahahaa.

  3. Oh, darling... I'm sure he has at LEAST checked it! My husband was practically a stalker when we were dating. He was googling me, asking around about me, etc. just to make sure I wasn't some kind of psycho. But then again, he IS from Los Angeles and screening is a necessary process out there. :)

    But look at it this way, if he IS reading your blog, it's no wonder he likes you so much. Your writing is truly interesting. It really shows your true personality. You are truly witty... a smart witty. And who wouldn't fall in love with you then?? I know I've fallen in love with you. Twice.

  4. See, it's funny because I am not, like *opposed* to him reading it exactly, but I don't THINK he DOES! First of all, because I think he would say he did, second of all He is not really an internet boy... like at all. As in, he is really frustrated because he doesn't know how to turn off instant messenger. And the computer (which I don't think he spends NEAR enough time on!) is his roommates, not his. But yeah, it's just funny.

    Still, if he had a blog, I would totally be reading it. (and trying to read between the lines and parsing words and looking for the digital equivalent of i's dotted with hearts. hee hee hee hee!