Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I Hate My Neck, But My Heart's Doing Good...

Today my head and neck tried to kill me till my Orthopedawhatsit appointment. Not that it STOPPED trying to kill me, but at least at the doctor I can pretend I have home court advantage. Just pretending, though. Because, uuugh and bleh and arrgh I hate my head and neck a lot. But the doctor just looked at MRI stuff and upped my pills and checked on things and... yeah... whatever. Dumb head. Dumb neck. Dumb Amytriptaline. Dumb doctors.

After the doctors I went to work out at the pool. I also did the NuStep for about 15 minutes, then worked out in the pool and the Jacuzzi. I still hurt more. But I am working more. I want to be BETTER and healthier and... HAPPIER.

But you know, one thing that IS making me a little happier, yeah... Him again. But we just talked on the phone. He wants to move here sooner... because he is so sick of his job... and stuff. And yeah... I'm okay with that... mostly....

yeah. <:O) SIGH!

Your Luck Quotient: 61%

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  1. yay for the heart!

    "I can't even get it in! I'm not going to turn it on.... it doesn't even have batteries..."

    may I say... BEST out of context quote EVER!

  2. AND may it STAY out of context for ever and always.

    Holy. Hell. We know each other WAY too well.

  3. hee hee... oh I have soooo many quotes... and yet I manage to stay mostly unquoted... I really am the queen.... *tear*

  4. Only because I have a HORRIBLE memory. If I had a better memory, you'd be in so much trouble. Lucky for you, I'm freakin' Dory. "P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney!"

  5. I wouldn't expect any less from someone who'd rather break both their legs than rip their pants.

  6. LOL, that is a funny quote given the conversation BA and I had a while back about batteries ... and other stuff ... dunno if that's the correct context or not, but awesome. lol.

    and I, as well, am Dory.