Wednesday, December 13, 2006

*Sings: I Love to Seee the Temple I'm Going there Someday...*

Tomorrow is a big day for the Sybs. BOTH my little brother and little sister are going through the Temple for their Endowments for the first time tomorrow. BoyKid in preparation for his mission to Milan Italy... Rinny because, well, she has been planning to just for herself (but the *timing* a lot to do with the family plans to go to the Hawai'i Temple in Lai'e when we are in Hawai'i next week and pressure from my Dad, but whatever, it is a good thing in general, the details are her deal, her choice, not mine. *rolls eyes*) But yeah, so that should be really... well, no FUN'S not the exact word I am going for, though I am loathe to ever say "special." But COOL works. *grins* But hey, YAY, huh? I have a very very Mormony Family!

I am hoping that it will be a better headache (and depressio
n, for that matter) day than today. Amitriptyline's.... POSSIBLY working... maybe? I don't know. It sure does make me tired. Always always tired. Blergh.

Today WAS a better headache day than SOME though. It was there, the headache, I mean, but it wasn't as brutal. I was able to do some stuff around the house a little, and leave the house to get to go to the pool for water aerobics. Yippee!

But depression-wise, it was sort of a hard day somehow. I guess I was just frustrated with things... myself primarily. A little bit tired of being me, that's all. I don't HATE being me, not all the time anyway. But sometimes it still wears on me, being me.

However, I have fantastic best friends and today I talked to 3 of them which is more than usual! Yup, I chatted with Steph (who narrowly escaped being an episode of Cops: Brigham!), talked to Megan on the phone (It was Gabe's Birthday! I can't believe I forgot! He is 6!!!), and talked with Fresno on the phone, too (SIGH! He is just SO SWEET and FUNNY and says the nicest stuff to me! But not fakey nice. Real nice. He's awesome. AWESOME, I tell you.). Therefore, I need to be a little more grateful in my prayers.

I love you guys! (Not just those friends MENTIONED. Just my whole dang support system, of which my internet "invisible friends" are a part.)

You Are A Good Friend

You're always willing to listen
Or lend a shoulder to cry on
You're there through thick and thin
Many people consider you their "best friend"!

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