Monday, January 31, 2011

Julia Childs vs. Percy Jackson

My teeth are feeling better today, though I couldn't go to church yesterday.  I think I can get by on OTC pills instead of Loritab now.  So that is good.  I am watching Julie & Julia with my mom.  It is good.  I relate a lot to it. Not the cooking. I DON'T cook. But the blogging, certainly.

AAACK!  Okay, you know how I say I don't cook?  Well, I am still not feeling too good and my teeth can't manage much chewing so I decided I could manage to make myself some Ramen.  But I turned on the wrong stove circle melted a plastic bottle and started a small kitchen fire!  The stench was HORRENDOUS! We were coughing and gagging.  We are just now able to come back in the house.  I am no Julia Childs!

I feel crappy. I am sick and now I have a major headache from all of the smoke and plastic fumes.  Maybe I will lay down with one of my new textbooks and try and get a jump start on school. Oooooor maybe I'll just read Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian.

Or play with my new hermit crabs. Their names are Mahana and Fossil.  They join Archie MacPhee the only survivor of my old crabby crew, but he is doing awesome.

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