Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Caplin Rous. I will miss you so much.

My second favorite animal in the whole world is a capybara.  And my favorite capybara is Caplin Rous.  Caplin died today.  I feel like I have lost a close friend and an imaginary friend all at once.  Melanie Typaldos was his owner and we have talked on Facebook.  I bought her book, Celeste and the Giant Hamster. She sent me a CapyCopy... a plush version of Caplin. I just can't believe he's dead.  She must be so heart broken.  He was a HUGE part of her life.

And in a small way, he was a big part of MY life.  Caplin, I love you.  You inspired me in many ways. I will always love you and I will give you a big hug (and a popcicle!) in heaven. You will be missed.

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