Saturday, January 22, 2011

Luck and Bones

Yesterday I went to the U of U Neurological Center to meet with a specialist. I was very lucky to get in because they were booking a YEAR out. "Bones" as we call this doctor was very nice and had SOME ideas but some are going to be really hard.  Like my goal to be on less meds, well he's decided which of those to cut and weaning off of those is going to be scary. :(

But here's hoping Bones' ideas... the going off some meds and adding Celebrex... is the answer to these horrid headaches.  Today I went to my cousin's bridal shower and it was fun. Everyone is so funny in my family.  But my head was killing me the whole time and so it was kind of spoiled.  Also there was always those mixed feelings of Yay! Weddings! and Aww crap. WEDDINGS. because the guy I feel I truly love is so far away.  And I honestly don't know if we WILL ever get together.  I know the Lord is in control, but I think there is luck involved too and THAT I do not have.

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