Wednesday, January 26, 2011


OH MY GOSH. I am in conversation with another bug guy about possibly trading some hissing roaches (of which I have MAAAAAAANY right now. My colony is flourishing) for a RHINOCEROS BEETLE!

That would be awesome just be cause, but also for Critters 2 Go.  By the way, I have a particularly BUGGY Critters 2 Go show to do tonight.  I am going to teach a pack of cub scouts to take care of roaches for a badge.  I will also teach them about "proper pet care and respect for all life." do it for free, take a lot of pictures and do it for my service project for the DoingGood Scholarship!

I am trying not to think about how much pain I am in right now.  Starting today I am going off certain meds and to add to that my tooth and head are both KILLING me.  I got a blessing from my Padre to help with the pain, but I admit my faith is probably too weak for how strong the hurt is today.  Loritab isn't touching it either.

But I HAVE THINGS TO DO!  I don't have time to hurt.  I need to get ready for the pack meeting.  I need all the animals in their respective carriers.  I need to post a little on Gaia, the Pets forum.  I need to straighten my room.  I need to say goodbye to my brother who is on his way out the door (Bye, BoyKid.).

What I do NOT need is what I have. HELL in Head-form.

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