Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You've got my numb-er

I am watching Fable the Chinchilla going to town on a piece of cholla wood as my Loritab sets in at last.  I had to go to the dentist today.  NOT Dr. Voldemort, thank goodness.  I cried as I walked in I was so scared.  We told him about the numbing stuff not working but he was sure it would.  I was so afraid I was shaking the whole time.  But it worked, it is a REALLY good thing it did because I needed a small dental surgery.  They cut into the outside of the gums and cut away the bottom of the roots and then stitched it up.  It hurts a lot now, but it had to be done and I GOT NUMB!  I am so grateful.  I am still not sure what happened last time. I was in a lot of pain before going and sometimes if you hurt enough that can make it hard to get numb, so maybe that was it, but it was just crazy.

But now the numbing is definitely wearing off and so I have to be on heavy pain meds.  The stitches in my mouth are kind of bugging the heck out of me, though. And meds are making me tired. I hate them.  But I am also very thankful for them. I just wish they didn't make me feel tired and nauseous.

I feel a little like a vet tech already.  Clementine has retained shed on her eyes.  It is really bad and can lead to infection.  So every day I have to rub her eyeballs with saline solution from my glider 1st aid kit we made at Mountain West Pocket Critters Conference.  Trying to soften the eyecap.  She hates it so much, but I want her to be able to see.  She is having trouble hunting and eating.  But it is really taking a step back taming her.  I mean how is she suposed to like me when I am poking her in the eye every day?! I don't blame her.

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