Friday, January 14, 2011

So, I can't actually AFFORD school...

Today I have been pouring over scholarship sites looking for scholarships from companies like Oxbow and the American Kennel Club. See yesterday I went to an interview and school tour of Broadview.  I was amazed at how GOOD their program is... REALLY good.  They have a surgical lab, basically a whole veterinary practice right inside the building.  The classes are small and the teachers, well one of them works with MY exotic vet, Dr. Dobson.  It's just perfect, actually.

Except the price.

They are SOOOO expensive.  More than UVU or Spencer's BYU and frankly my family can't afford it.  At all.  So these are the things I am trying 1. Getting a Pell Grant.  I have applied and hope to know for sure when I meet with the financial aid guy at Broadview Monday. 2. Win a scholarship.  So I am applying for a LOT of them.  I am having to be the essay queen right now.  Luckily I *can* write.  But you also have to be really lucky. And that I am NOT.


  1. why are they so expensive now if they use to be the utah career college?

  2. I think they were expensive before but now they are "nationally accredited" so they charge like they are an ivy league school or something.