Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yesterday was sort of the last day of the family "stay-cation."  All this holiday season we have been making an effort to do more together.  BoyKid and Rinny came home to stay and we have been having Racko tournaments, going to Salt Lake to see the Church History Museum, and watching movies.  Last night we saw Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  And yes, it was good, especially for being based on one of the best series of books ever made.  That's hard to live up to.  But it didn't ruin the book.

Then Rinny went home. To her apartment.  BoyKid goes back to his today.

When do *I* get to go back to MY apartment?  When will things return to normal?  When will I be able to work again?  Not have doctors every week?  Not have a headache every day?

For that matter when will I be able to eat with out throwing it up?  Argh.

So I didn't go to church with the fam. Feeling too crummy. But at least I am listening to K-Love (Christian Rock). Hee hee!

Also, I am watching all my animals.  Tortuga is swimming happily in his tank and begging for a treat. He is a good turtle.  Cute little Baby Fable is sleeping on her fleece cube. Jack and Clementine, the leopard geckos are curled up like cats in their respective houses, and Bratanik is climbing up his basking rock backwards.  Like going up the tallest side first.  He is cute, but not the brightest crayon in the box.  The hermit crabs are doing NOTHING.  Well, especially Archie MacPhee as he is under the ground molting so I don't even know if he is ever coming up again or if he will DIE.  Gosh I hate when they molt. The gliders are, I assume, asleep in their pouch, but as their Reptarium is in my bedroom I don't know that for sure.

I love my little zoo.

I ALSO love my little business!  And in order to keep it on the up and up I really need to get that USDA Exhibitor's License FINISHED!  I have a doctor tomorrow but I am going to call my exotic vet, Dr. Dobson and see if I can set up the mandatory home inspection by her this week.  Get that ball rolling.  Especially since I have some parties scheduled in the spring.

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