Friday, January 28, 2011

Heavy is the Tooth that Wears the Crown

Holy Hell.  My teeth is going to kill me.  I am actually looking FORWARD to my 2 root canals tomorrow morning.  I couldn't sleep all last night I was hurting so much.  Almost finished Enter 3 Witches, though.  It's good. You don't have to be a Shakespeare lover or anything.

Yesterday was so up and down for me.  I hurt, but that evening I did a Critters 2 Go class for the Ostleparkwells' Scout Pack.  Not only was it really good (all the animals cooperated fantastically... well, Baby Fable was a bit of a brat about getting OUT of her dust bath after her demonstration, but still, it went great.) it gave me a REALLY good idea of a direction to take Critters 2 Go.  I am going to make a whole new package for scouts where they make habitats for hissing cockroach habitats and take care of them for 2 weeks (they can keep them AFTER the 2 weeks if their parents approve)  and make a poster about them and stuff like that so that they get their Pet Care belt loop and pin.  It's gonna be awesome.And I totally owe it all to my Aunt Clare for the idea.  I am excited!  However, I can't really advertise it and do a bunch yet... not till my licensing comes through. Bleh.

I really need to write an Examiner article.  I am thinking in honor of the Chinese New Year (which begins this year on the 3rd) and the Year of the Rabbit I will talk about house rabbits.  Snoopy was basically a house bunny, though she played outside and in.  She was potty trained and all that.  She was so funny.  She HAAAAATED guys, though.  She would growl and attack my dad and Spencer.  So they have less than fond memories of my favorite bunny.

I am also going to write about Puxitawny Phil in honor of Groundhog day, I think.  I am just trying not to think about this horrible tooth ache.


  1. Oh and as a follow up comment to my previous comment, I LOVED Snoopy!

  2. I'm so glad that you were able to come and participate with the scouts. It was so AMAZING. I had such a great time. Did you get the photos that I took? I hope that you did and that they turned out well enough for you to use them. I love you!