Friday, January 7, 2011

Eating my weight in Ramen

And toast.  My stomach is hurting like crazy, but I think the MRI, at least, was pretty normal.  So even if my liver is screwed up there is no stenosis or the valves which is something they thought.  No answers, but one less SERIOUS answer eliminated.

In other news I AM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL.  Not to get my bachelors but to get another associates. This time from what used to be Utah Career College, Broadview University in Veterinary Technology, specializing in "pocket pets and exotics."  I'll be honest. I don't KNOW if I can do it.  My pills leave my brain so foggy, and I don't study as well as I used to and I am scared of the math... I know there is going to be things like dosing by weight and such, and I am BAD at math.  But I really want to do this.  I want a real career I can continue in.  I know a lot already, just from experience.  I think being a Vet Tech is something I could do and be good at.  I could still do Critters 2 Go. I could still teach at Thanksgiving Point.  But it will be something more stable.

So THAT is my first New Years Resolution 1. Start school again.

I am still into that one scripture for goal making. Luke 2:52.

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.

1. Start school again to become a Vet Tech
2. Read 50 books in 2011
3. Write 2 articles a week for either the Examiner or Suite 101

1. Do water aerobics more days of the week than not.
2. Figure out my liver
3. Lower my A1C

Favor with God
1. Finish the Book of Mormon
2. Be attending all 3 meetings by the end of 2011
3. Pray with more sincerety

Favor with Man
1. Attend more parties and lunch groups
2. Make sure Ola knows how much I care at LEAST every holiday in paper
3. Update this blog at least weekly

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  1. Good goals all. Hope it is a great year for you.