Sunday, April 29, 2007

yeah, you know number 25 of the TMI Quiz?

(well, it's not about T-La, Aunt O, Uncle Rude, or Uncle MikeLestor. GRRR...)

I'm at the padres' house with Rinny and that would be just spiffy except I am in a rather emo mood and Padre is here and it is just one of those days when I wish he lived in Florida or something. YES, in these days of rampant divorce, it is a blessing to have happily married parents MOST OF THE TIME. Except that it means sometimes I just want to talk to MOM and PADRE is THERE. And so, because apparently we can not be in the same room before getting in some little fight I end up
almost crying and wanting badly to hit things and he just goes off to watch TV and talk self-righteously about me to my mom later even though I can still hear so my MOM ends up almost crying, too, though she probably doesn't want to hit things. Because she is much nicer than me.

annoyed pissed ticked perturbed agitated bugged bothered ruffled pestered irritated bitching kvetching malcontented vexed miffed peeved

Some Sundays I think if I hear "Families Can Be Together Forever" I will jump up and scream "NOOOOO! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!!" It's one of those Sundays.

Not all has been bad, though. Today is My Megan's Birthday! YAY! Since she is basically one of my fa
vorite people in the world Rinny and I decided we would drive up to Salt Lake and surprise her (risky as I wasn't SURE of her schedule and she could be at work or out to eat for a special birthday thing with her Hubby, St. Jake or hey, even just running errands and stuff at the store (she isn't active in the LDS Church and St. Jake is Catholic and I don't think they consider shopping sabbath-breaking).) with presents and singing!

(By the way, I DID go to church, though not my own ward and not for the whole 3 hours)

So after church Rinny picked me up at my house (and I tripped on a baby gate on the way out. OUCH. Suzy has been very good at peeing only either outside or on a puppy pad so she has graduated to the KITCHEN! But not the rest of the house, so she is gated into the kitchen. And thus, I tripped on it.) and we drove to Meg and St. Jake's little tiny apartment.
They are moving OUT of it VERY SOON! They closed on buying their own little (same scary neighborhood, but at least they will OWN it so they can, like, play Design on a Dime and stuff) condo place! It is still pretty ghetto... but they can't afford much and just desperately wanted OUT and wanted to OWN. So, my birthday pressies to her were on that whole theme. I gave her new paint brushes (for wall, not pictures), a potted plant kit, a couple little tools, a purple paper Chinese lantern, etc. Rinny made her a Teen Girl Squad plate like mine and a picture of President Hinckley in a Fedora like mine (not sure how THAT will go over once we left, since, you know, the whole religion issue. But it is still a cool pic (and she is, after all, a fellow brilliant photographer.) and she SEEMED to really like it. We also buried Monet (one of her cats) in crepe paper and that was fun (her other kitty, Pixie, wanted nothing to do with that sort of nonsense.).

Then we went to the padres' because 1. they have food. 2. we thought they might have a new letter from BoyKid 3. we planned to put our pictures onto the computer there, then onto the laptop then onto HIS card to when we sent it to him to USE he could see our crazines
s and 4. I wanted to let Mom and Rinny here Mika songs.

Instead, however, and honestly, I am still not sure how, I ended up in a fight with Padre about the direction of my life. And when I was trying to show Rinny and Mom the Mika stuff he told me to turn it off. Rinny asked, "why?" and I said, icily, "because I am not allowed to listen to my music at their house apparently." And he got really mad sounding and said "that's my point, it's YOUR music and nobody else wants to hear what you like!" I said the whole reason I was playing it WAS to show Mom and Rinny and he said "
Stifle it." and did a little chop his head off move and I was thinking "please, don't tease, GO AHEAD."

Yes, I am pissy. Sorry. Blame it on restarting birth control if you want, but I doubt it has much to do with that yet... just, you know, DAD-ness plus depression.

So, yeah. Family fun. ;OP

And now I am home again. Man, my turtle is getting big. Not, like, since I have seen him (this morning)... I am just sitting next to his tank and noticing. He is MASSIVE! I am thinking he will be graduating into my big fish tank soon... which means I will be finding my fishies new homes, most of them anyway. That makes me a little sad. I mean, I know they are just fish, but still... I LIKE them. However, if I have to choose between my turtle and my fish, My shell-baby wins.

Oh, I forgot. Fresno did call while I was at the Padres. We talked just a little but he hurt his back and he was on Percocet so the convo was more than a little loopy. So I wasn't TOO annoyed with Padre when he said to hang up because it was dinner. Well, THEN, anyway. The annoyance grew when it was a crock and we didn't REALLY eat for, like, another half hour and THEN the whole fight... and music thing... grrrr....

Sometimes when Fresno talks about how much he is like my dad I want to kick him. But usually I just say "Oh, guess what does NOT make me excited to date you?" And he giggles and shuts up. Sometimes when he talks like that I tell him "Thank you Freud, I'd prefer NO Oedipal issues!" Dork. (But a CUTE dork.)

So I have been having way too much fun making lists of things I want at Kaboodle! Not that I NEED stuff. Like banana cell phone holders. And band-aids shaped like bacon. And chocolate-looking calculators. I just, yeah... like virtual window shopping.


  1. Sorry about the Dad issues...I know it's lame and hard and I'm sorry you had to deal with it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. *huggles*

  2. LAME. I'm glad you got to see Megs though!!

  3. *Hug* My dad has been a sore spot for me since the divorce. This baby thing recently rehashed it all. :-( If you need to talk I'm here.

  4. Kipper, as you know, I have issues with my own Padre. It's lame. I'm sorry you are having to deal with it right now.

    Makes me glad my folks live far away. Sort of.