Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just Kidding, you Turkey!

I didn't go to work today ('Tis Tuesday) because I felt like crap. I thought I might have strep. I am still not certain but I couldn't get a doctor's appointment. But I think I have something else to blame for my sore throat. My mouthwash was RECALLED. And, yes, I know I am using kids' stuff... shaddup.

But other than feeling strepish I also felt like I was in a drunken stupor because Dr. Hasacrazywife prescribed me the MAX dose of Topamax without building up to it and it floored me. BLEH.

I missed work. No, I mean, like I missed it as in I wish I'd been there. I always feel like I am missing out on something when I am not there... some funny kid quote or some tiny new animal being born or some stupid thing Rerun said or whatever. It is hard for me to not go to work. But as I spent most of the day only half sentient and being practically babysat by my mother it would have been a VERY bad time to have been in charge of children.

Anyway, now it is very late and, although the meds made me groggy all day but I am not sleepy NOW, NOW is exactly when I SHOULD sleep. Peace.



Monday night I had to teach Family Night at the Farm. THAT WAS HILARIOUS. First of all, just because it was kinda FHE I kept thinking someone would start trying to give a prayer or song. Because I am weird. And Mormon. And yes, I know sometimes those are the same thing. ANYWAY, Family Night at the Farm is a program we have at TGP where Monday nights during May from 6-8 families can come to an open house style family night complete with a little craft, refreshment, etc. FREE with paid admission to Farm Country. So we are talking CHEAP entertainment. And, we agreed to have an extra one (in April... not May, obviously) to kind of kick it off and also so it could coincide with an FSA (that's Families Supporting Adoption, just fyi) activity. Well, the theme was baby animals and so we did things like playing Bingo with the names of animals and their babies. Some were actually hard.

Sheep have lambs, goats have kids, chickens have chicks, and horses have foals. Those are easy. But did everyone know that turkeys have poults and llamas have crias but guanacos have chulengos?!

Anyway, the really hilarious part was when we decided we should really bring a couple babies into the classroom. A kid and a poult, to be exact. It was cute in THEORY. Only there is one thing common of ALL babies be they people babies or goat babies or turkey babies. They all want constant ATTENTION. So both decided that anytime I put them DOWN they would cry at the top of their lungs... which is remarkably LOUD, by the way. Goats bleat VERY LOUD. That I kind of expected. And it was very sweet holding snuggly baby Ambrosia. However, the baby turkey ALSO wanted my undivided attention. Who knew? It would seriously start peeping than SCREECHING until petted. It was cute, but weird, and people just aren't quite as smitten with turkeys as goats. They are, after all, much bigger than chicken chicks.

But the goat was very VERY funny. See, even though it is a LITTLE goat, sometimes I needed to rest my arm or help someone with an activity and tried to brave the crying and put it on the ground. Since they aren't potty trained we had a little cage thing out of hay bale (not real ones... they are really raffia covered boxes, but whatever). Problem is the little goats think they are MOUNTAIN goats... and they have mad skills for it! We built it 3 feet high... Ambrosia jumped out! We built it 4 feet... she jumped out. We built it 5 feet and drew crowds of cheering little boys as Ambrosia the Wonder Goat cleared it with ease over and over. It was AWESOME... and frustrating... and HILARIOUS. I *heart* Ambrosia!

Anyway, TODAY sucked.... except the end of it. My mom and I watched Gilmore Girls (they are new again! HOORAY!). Then when I went home I talked to Fresno. You know, most of the time I really like that boy, But sometimes I am full on smitten with him. SIGH! He was just... cute. We were talking about church stuff, scriptures, etc. He is having a hard time in his ward and so is sad. I finally told him that I got a trip to California for my birthday.

He was SO EXCITED! He wants to go to some cave. Hee hee hee! FUN! Anyway, we just talked and giggled about stuff and he was so dang cute. I need to get planning that.

SIGH. So. Dang. Cute. <:O)

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  1. Sucks that you're sick... but "hee hee!" otherwise....

    I wish I missed work...