Friday, April 6, 2007

My Alphabetical Orders

A is for age:
27 years old... 'til Monday
B is for Beer:
Root - yummy! <--- Ditto!
C is for Career:

Keeps changing. Nothing I am doing right now is really Career (vs. Job) level. But I like it for now. My dream would probably to be a writer/illustrator/librarian/ASL interpreter/mom/wildlife and pet rehabilitator.
D is for my Dog’s Name:
Cassie. Her whole name was Cassidy Cheyenne. I so miss her. I mean, I have other pups in my life, but they aren't CASSERS, you know? Though I admit I love the Roommate's dogs like my own. They are Trinket and Shasta. And Fresno's babies, well I haven't met them yet, but I am SURE I'll love them. They are Darby and Demi.
E is for Essential Item I Use Everyday:
SoftLips... my cell phone... my Palm Pilot... my laptop... meds...
F is for Favorite T.V. Show:
The Office, Gilmore Girls, Scrubs, Perry Mason..
G is for Favorite Game:
I don't know. Scrabble or Boggle? I like words.
H is for Hometown:
Eh... Orem, Utah?
I is for Instruments I Play:
Harmonica. I'm rusty, but I USED to be able to play a few Beatles songs and such. Bot I do NOT read notes so it has to be either by ear or written in Harmonica tabs.
J is for Favorite Juice:
MOST of them! I guess my fave is White Grape. Though, none are very Diabetes friendly.
K is for Whose Butt I’d Like To Kick:
The people who stole my identity and Jeep a few years ago. The guy who attacked my Megs when she was a kid. (But *kicking* would be way too kind.) Various landlords. Whomever robbed Fresno.
L is for the Last Place I Ate:
Panda Express! My mommy treated me after water aerobics.
M is for Marriage:
As Mae West said, "Marriage is a great institution, but I'm not ready to be institutionalized."
N is for my Name:
BethAnn or Kipluck, usually.
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays:
Most recently, I went in for a "same day" surgery to remove my gall bladder and had complications (what can I say, I am a complicated girl?) and so got stuck there for about a week. Just my luck. Heck, Stewie went in around the same time for HEART surgery and came home before me!
P is for People I was With Today:
My mom, some random people working out at the pool, The Roomie, Rinny, Mom again, and Padre.
Q is for Quote:
"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Cicero
(the picture, btw, is by GoblinQueeen, one of my FAVORITE Deviant artists)
R is for Biggest Regret:
My screw ups have made me who I am.... though that is not always good. My biggest regret is not continuing with Skating or something. Sure, I might have broken more bones, but I would be healthier, I think.
S is for Sport:
I like weird stuff like curling or roller derby. Or watching most ANY sport if there is a party/cute date attached. As for playing I like my swimming/water aerobics. If I could play anything, it would be Quidditch.
T is for Time I Woke Up Today:
3 am. Then 5 am. Then 9. Then 11. Then 12.
U is for Current Underwear:
Armor. ;OP
V is for Vegetable You Love:
Asparagus, baby brussel sprouts, baby corn, spinach, butter leaf lettuce, little tomatoes!
W is for Worst Habit:
Staying up to late, negative self-talk, too much computer when I should be cleaning or exercising or sleeping.
X is for X-rays I Have Had:
I am pretty sure that it would be shorter to ask X-rays I HAVEN'T had. To which I would answer:
Y is for Yummy Food You Ate Today:
Chow Mein, shrimp
Z is for Zodiac:
Aries, of course! Baaaa! Sheep Go to Heaven, Goats go to Hell!

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