Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bicentennial Bloggage!

200th post!
Can you believe it? 200 posts here on Blogger, well, on Library of Skittles Deferred anyway (I mean, I HAVE other Blogger blogs, after all.) That's... zany.You'd have thought I would've learned to shut up by now, but NO! I won't stop writing!

Apparently I won't stop EATING now either because I already HAD dinner tonight but my stupid stomach is growling. So I will check my blood sugar and then eat something accordingly. I have been VERY frustrated today with my diabetes... and my headache... and the fact that I can't stop crying about those things. But, well, MAYBE tomorrow will help. I have a new psychiatrist and I meet with him for the first time tomorrow morning.

The actual REASON for the visit is that the pills I take for insomnia sure aren't cutting it and so I need to talk to a psychiatrist about my sleep issues. However, since, you know, he is a PSYCHIATRIST I will probably also see if he can help me with my depression since I haven't been seen by one for it in a long time and I think maybe I need to change meds. I don't know. We'll see.

What sucks, though, is that I have to miss work to go to the appointment. And work, while stressful, hard, and painful it is NOT BORING! But, yeah... Painful. That goat that has it in for me butted my arm repeatedly against the fence as I was trying to leave. Yeah, we are NOT friends. Bearded Lady, though, is being great about me holding her new twins who I call Doby (the spindly little one) and Weiler (the other). Okay, so, technically, I am not in charge of naming ANYTHING. But if I am going to be talking to, holding, feeding, petting, or talking about something that does not have a name I am going to call it SOMETHING!

I wonder who REALLY names the critters, anyway? Is it REALLY kids? Because apparently April 28th is our Annual BABY ANIMAL BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! From 10-2 and free with farm admission (so you people (especially with kiddlets!) should come!)And the site says we will be having a Baby Naming Contest. Will we be naming ALL of the babies?! Because SO FAR (and this number could change tomorrow as a TON of mommies are preggy) we have...

7 kids - 2 Nubian(?), 3(?) Angora, and 2 Pygmy
6 calves - 2 Jersey, 2 Holstein, and 2 Angus(?)
16(?) bunnies - 8(?) Holland Lop and 8(?) Rex
3 ducklings
10 chicks
18(?) poults
1 pony

The only ones who OFFICIALLY have names are the Jerseys, Jake and T-Bone.

Unofficially, 3 of the the baby goats are Doby, Weiler, Ambrosia, the Angus calves are Rusty and Brisket, the fluffiest poult is Bebe, and the pony is Frankie Sinatra. Unofficially, meaning *I* named them. Hee hee!

This really is the BEST place to work. Funny kids. Funny animals. Occasionally I get to color with crayons! Who could as for more?*

*other than, well, higher salary...
and benefits...
and a better commute...
not getting HURT so often (but really, it's ME. I could work in a room of pillows and still end up battered and bruised)...

ANYWAY, I need to go to bed. It is now much later than when I STARTED this entry. Blame the boy. He called and distracted me. Hee hee hee!


  1. I hope that the shrinky-dink can help you!!!

  2. FUN! I'll have to see how work is going friday ... we might be able to go.

  3. I like the names you gave them!