Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chores the Right

I wanted to go to the Baby Animal Birthday today, but the fact is that as I am not WORKING then, well, I have a ton to do here. (None of which actually include Blogging... hmmmm...)
*Clean the gerbil cage
*Clean the sugar glider cage and launder the toys
*Walk Trinket and Shasta (The Roomie is out of town and I am Dog-Sitting)
*Walk Suzy Sparrow (separately)
*Feed Suzy (special diet that The Roomie made before leaving)
*Try to erode Mount Washmore
*Wash turtle tank
*Replace water for big community fish tank
*Errands (bleh. Bank, Hollywood (parent's lent me a borrowed movie, Night at the Museum. It was every good! Like, even if you HATE Ben Stiller, you would think it was a cute family flick.), gas station, etc.)
*Make a noticeable dent in the disaster area that is our FAMILY ROOM.
*Take out garbages
*Take meds
*Probably 20 other things that I will realize as I clean, thus the never ending cycle of frustration. Grrr.

And with that, for now, I will post and GET TO WORK!


  1. Hubby hates Ben Stiller. Won't even consider watching this with me. Guess I'll rent it anyway. mwahahahahahaha.

  2. it's such a good movie!!!

    the Boy hates ben stiller too, so he won't watch it either.