Monday, April 23, 2007

Shrink Rap

Well, the Psych says I need therapy. I know, shocker. He was REALLY nice and cool, but he can't take me as a real patient anyway. But he said he will help me find someone that can see me. SIGH. It was... hard, though. I don't like saying some things out loud if that makes sense. And I cried and I hate doing that in front of doctors and stuff.

I have "homework" for the Insomnia study but it is really discouraging. So we shall see.

After about 2 HOURS with the shrink I went to work. Mostly just prepared for tomorrow's CLASSES that I am in charge of (and hence, a little nervous). It is going to be a very VERY long day tomorrow, too. I have several 2nd grade field trips and those are the ones we make ice cream so SORE muscles. And the big evening class "I Want to Be a Cowboy/Cowgirl!"

It makes me giggle because, well, for one, I DON'T really want to be a cowgirl. And of all the animals on the farm right now Chief, the head pony is my second least favorite (The first being Meagan the goat that wants to kill me.). And I don't even really LIKE cowboys. (Okay, not ALWAYS true. Cowboy Matt is awesome. And rather hot.

And sometimes when boys that are NOT cowboys pretend and DRESS UP like cowboys they, too, are hot though uncharacteristically hick-ish. Still... HOT. *whistling innocently*)

However, I DO want to be a Cowgirl/Cowboy TEACHER because we are totally making STICK HORSES!!! With sock heads! And that will be way funny. Plus paper bag puppets of cows. And, you know, teach about farming, what we DO with cows and horses, etc. And maybe I can somehow figure out a way to work carrying Ambrosia around like a baby into the lesson. Just because she is so sweet.

It should be a fun class. However, my assisting teachers will be Rerun *rolls eyes* and Grandma Betty. Better than before, though, as the ACTUAL ones assigned were Rerun and Milestoner but she announced today that she was quitting. Not, like 2 weeks notice, like "Ummm, yeah, I am not going to come anymore." WHATEVER. Good riddance. Except, of course, that means we are even MORE short staffed. And at least incompetent workers are warm bodies. (Which is why Rerun is still at the top of his game! Actually, he deserves SOME credit. He IS trying harder. It's not WORKING, he is still almost more work than help, but he is trying. E for effort, Rerun.

My head is getting worse and I am scared it is THE Headache. I am not ready to do that whole death/stroke/paralysis-risk procedure again YET. If I have to, I will. But not yet. So today I went back to Physical Therapy. That hurt. Then felt better. And now hurts a lot. BLEH.

There were no new animals at the farm today, but that is not the case at The Ark, the house me and my roomie and our critters share. It is good to live with someone who likes your pets and you like theirs. But sometimes it is dangerous to have an ally. Because if you BOTH feel the need to take in the strays, fosters, and orphans of the world, who is there to tell you "No, not this one. That is too much." (But No Elephants!, anyone?!)

Yep, we have a new dog right now. She is sweet but terrified and for good reason. She was pretty clearly beaten... and set on FIRE. Seriously. Sometimes I HATE people. I'm writing more about her on here.

Keep the little pup in your prayers, would you? She needs them.


  1. I HATE PEOPLE WHO HURTS PUPPIES! The person who did that should be beaten and put on fire.

    There's nothing wrong with getting counseling if you need it. Just remember the include "The Master Councilor." We all need counseling. We all just don't know it.
    Thanks for being brave enough to share your story. It empowers and gives permission for others to do the same :)

  2. "You know, Joe Jr. is still single."
    "Yeah.... shocker."

    A therapist is good. ;)

  3. Therapy isn't bad, kipluck. It's good he's helping you find someone who can see you. And if you don't like them, call this guy and tell him that and ask him for someone else.

    Hubby finally agreed to see my daughter's therapist (she's a family therapist). But if he doesn't like her, I will find him someone else.

  4. Oh poor puppy!

    And I am praying for you too! :D