Monday, April 9, 2007

Who Knew Balloons were SO IMPORTANT to everyone?! GEEZ!

28. It's not as old as I thought when I was a kid, but still... closer to 30 than 20. It's been a good year, though. I moved into The Ark with the Roomie and her puppies. I like that. I met Fresno, and now I am actually DATING him. I finally got a job I rather *like*, even if the pay is chicken feed and there is no insurance. I finally figured out the source of my hellish headaches. My baby bro got his mission call to Italy. I got a SpongeBob balloon... oh wait. That was just today. Hee hee!

Today has been CRAZY, though!!! So first of all the field trips were running behind. And then we lost all electricity because construction guys cut the underground wires with the backhoe! It wasn't too much of a problem for US, GIVING the field trips, but in the barn with the computers and cash registers? MAYHEM!

THEN Cowboy Matt was in with the Jacob's Sheep (and on all fours for some reason. I need to ask him about that.). They are the ones with big scary horns. A protective mother BUTTED HIM IN THE FACE! It CRUSHED his nose, and true to the Cowboy Way he put on a bandage, stuffed gauze in his nose and STAYED AT WORK!!! There was blood everywhere! And the scariest part, in terms of how hard he was hit, was that not all of the blood was Cowboy Matt's! One of the ewe's HORNS was knocked LOOSE! Kids were freaking out!

Crazy field trips! Then when we were cleaning up and I went to get some supplies I came back to the classroom barn the education department started singing Happy Birthday to me and Rinny had a Hostess cupcake with a candle lit in it! And THEN right after I blew out the candle I got a phone call that there was a flower delivery coming to my office. So Rinny and I headed to the office to find this cute bowl full of flowers! Lots of daisies (my favorite besides dandelions). And the bowl is super cute with birthday candles. The card said:

"I wish I could be there to see your smiling face right now! (And you BETTER be smiling!)
Much Love,

How sweet is that?

Anyway, then I worked on the curriculum for a few hours and then drove to the Asian Buffet to meet the family for my birthday dinner. Because, mostly, Padre LOVES those Free Birthday meals. Well, they really ARE the strictest EVER. (I think they just scrutinize US because they know Dad's the one who leaves the rice off of his sushi.) They only do it WITH a coupon ON your actual birthday WITH your driver's license. Which is FINE, but they took my ID for like 20 minutes! And the guy looked SUPER suspicious of me! I don't know if it's just because it was Padre or because of the new ID designs but I felt like I was trying to get a free million dollars instead of just some shrimp, wonton things, and exceptionally crappy desserts. Really why DO they have such bad desserts? Oh well, the egg drop soup more than makes up for it.

Anyway, I got the coolest fortune. "A 4-Wheeled adventure will bring you happiness soon." So random! Mom was funny though, she was like SERIOUSLY sad and stressed that she didn't get me BALLOONS. I told her I sure didn't care. But she just kept saying "Oh I can't believe you didn't get balloons from anybody!" I really didn't care. BUT when I got home the Roomie HAD got me a balloon anyway! (I called my mom and told her. She said "Oh! Thank her for me!")

And the present tied to it was a (rather creepy) skateboarding thumb person. Her name is Andie. It is a VERY weird toy. I love it!

Fresno, too, is ADORABLE. He called me a little bit ago. I had already sent him a thank you message, but he'd been at work. So we only just actually talked. He sang Happy Birthday to me and told me, like, 20 stupid jokes. (We were in a VERY punny mood) I told him how much I loved the flowers, and he asked if my co-workers had teased me about the balloons.


He was SO upset! He had ORDERED flowers AND a TON of balloons and they didn't deliver! (Who knew everyone was going to get so hung up on a little helium?!) He went off on them for FOREVER, then apologized for ruining my birthday. I told him he didn't, but he just ranted on. (And he didn't even know about my mom's balloonless woes) He is PISSED at Flowers on Main and plans to call them tomorrow morning to complain... AND make them deliver me balloons. I told him not to worry about the balloons. I felt bad he didn't get what he paid for, but I LOVED the gift as is. But he was bummed and disappointed because it wasn't PERFECT. As he said, he wanted it to be big and for everyone to see them and congratulate me since he couldn't be here to do so. I told him that I got a LOT of comments about the flowers, but he was pretty inconsolable. Silly boy.

Anyway, again I should go to bed early(not that I'll SLEEP. GRRR.). Waking up for these field trips is killing me. So tired it causes actual pain. If I don't adjust soon, I think it may kill me. But, hey, Happy Birthday to ME!


  1. Wow. What a guy! :) Flowers and balloooooooons!!! hehehe. Sounds like a great birthday. ;)

  2. heehee... oh my heck... they're just balloons! so far all you've gotten from me is online flowers. Hee hee hee

  3. I had my comment all ready to type til I seen CC's "Oh My Heck" and that threw me off.


    Yeah, I feel the same way about balloons...but not to anal about them. I think balloons are fun....but oh, flowers are so much better!!

  4. yikes! I meant, "too anal"...that could be disasterious if I don't fix that.

  5. You have the most adventuresome days. I love it! Glad it all went well, and I never would have thought about balloons that much.

  6. disasterous or dis-ass-terous??

    anyway, I jsut barely realized what all the pics at the beginning had to do with your blog. hee hee....

    I want flowers from a boy... and also. I am bored tonight.

  7. hahahah ... cc ... it took me a while to figure out the pictures, too.

  8. yay! I got it too... oh BA, you're so subtle!

  9. yeah, I meant disastrous... I'm buying a dictionary tomorrow!

  10. oh no, I totally got your pun which was way great....but I mispelled disasterous the first time. I think it was your "Oh my heck" that screwed me up.

  11. I wanna know why mormon swearing threw you off... lol

  12. Where else would I have heard "Oh my heck"...only in Utah. Man, I forgot what it was like livin' there.

    Hey BA, yeah I was just wonderin' that too about the crappy dessert. I never know why they give the smallest piece of the world's driest cake. NASTY!!