Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sheep Go to Heaven, Goats Go... into the Pen and Hitch a RIDE to Heaven?

I am writing this on a computer in the office at work because I am seriously too tired and sore now to brave traffic. (Don't worry, I'm clocked out. I'm no cheater!) It's been a very long week! And yes, I realize it's only Wednesday and I have work all day tomorrow. And Friday. And Saturday. SIGH!

1st of all, though, I need to apologize for saying Fresno is a big cry baby. I was all "oh you'll be fine, take a pill, you don't need a doctor, you girly man." Okay, so not in those WORDS but I was THINKING it. Because Sunday night he got really sick. Like with major fever and chills and shaking and hallucinating from the fever. So his Illegal roomie takes him the the hospital where they decide that his spider bite (which had since grown into a grapefruit on his elbow) was from a BLACK WIDOW! Granted, not as nasty as a recluse, but STILL! WHAT THE HECK?! And I was teasing him! Geez. I don't answer his phone call when he gets burglarized and tell him he doesn't need a doctor when he gets bit by a black widow. WHO DOES THAT?!

Anyway, now I am going to find him something with Little Miss Muffet on it, like a doll or little book or something, to make him laugh. Because I am SO SORRY! They gave him a shot and I think an antibiotic to fight off infection. But it still is hurting him and they are watching it, even though he does have to work still. Poor kid. And he is very so stressed about work, getting his stupid old house rented, and *blush* not being near me.

As for ME... okay, actually, I need to go home. I think the janitor wants to clean. More later.

Okay, it is Thursday now. As I was saying (I think?), as for ME work is good... just HARD. Sometimes the PARENTS are worse than their kids on the field trip. I wanted to pummel the moms that came to "chaperon" the other day. Their kids (7th graders) were actually GOOD, but the MOMS were TERRIBLE! They talked when we were teaching, went into areas of the museum they weren't allowed, and generally were more annoying than, well, Middle Schoolers!

If you are going to act like that DON'T volunteer to help your school. Seriously.

We have a NEW baby goat now. Possibly even CUTER than the others. That makes 5 babies. SO ADORABLE. They are my favorite. They think they are little mountain goats. They play king of the mountain on their little rocks. They butt each other off all day. Oh AND! They keep sneaking under the fence and STANDING ON THE SHEEP. That's right, standing right on top of the grown up sheep. It's hilarious. I had no idea how much I LOVED goats!

Anyway, work is REALLY tiring. It is hard to have such a random schedule. I am part time, but that means maybe one day I will work one hour and 7 the next. Stuff like that.

Anyway, yeah. As for Fresno, his elbow is still hurting a lot. Also, I don't KNOW whether he is coming up for my Birthday. First, he said he was, then he said he WASN'T but sounded like he MIGHT be lying to surprise me because he is a dork and a rather BAD liar. So we will see. My birthday is Monday.

I work a few field trips that day, other than that, I don't know. The only thing I know for SURE is that I'll get a year older. Which is fine, I don't much care. 27, 28... big difference.

p.s. while looking for a good picture for this blog I totally found this GAME! Poor Goats! I wish I could change the rules!


  1. now, THAT's a fun game. I like the noises they make when you do it opposite.

  2. Wow, nasty spider bite. I wouldn't feel bad. My mom was the same way. I broke my arm once and it took her 3 days to finally take me in to the hospital because she didn't think it was that bad. She STILL feels bad about it. I think it's funny.

  3. Ok so parents are honestly the thing I fear most about becoming a teacher. Not the kids...the freakin' parents. I totally know what you are talking about, both from personal experience and the various horror stories of my friends.

    Sorry about Fresno...but I'm sure he won't be seriously upset with you about not babying, particularly if you give him what you have in mind. :)

  4. No, it's true, he doesn't mind. *I* feel bad, but he certainly isn't mad at me.