Friday, April 20, 2007

Congratulations, Bearded Lady!

Spring is so SPRINGY on a farm. There are babies all over the place! We have 2 mama rabbits with litters just turning sweet and furry. They are wiggly and tiny and their eyes are closed.

But the real news are the real newbies... or since they are goats are they nubies? Two little kids born just today! The first is MUCH bigger than the second and looks about a week older than the twin, but the mama seems to be taking care of both. GOOD GIRL! I am proud of her!

The first came breach and one of the farm girls had to get in there and turn it. It was only after that one was out for awhile that they even figured out there WAS a little twin in there. Mama was tired of pushing, so they pulled out that one, too. They both look pretty healthy considering, though a bit exhausted. Being born is hard work!


  1. Curious---in all of your life, have you ever thought about being a vet?

  2. awwwww ... cute babies. :)

    I second a*who. vet.

  3. Are you kidding me? OF COURSE I have thought of being a vet. However, in feasibility, it is just a little more possible than being an astronaut (another major dream of mine). Why? Because...
    1. I suck at math and math is required for sciences that are required for veterinary school. Note, I never said it was required for vet PRACTICE, just SCHOOL. I believe I could learn the skills needed to be a vet... but NOT to pass 4 plus years of veterinary medical school.

    2. I do not have the emotional strength to be able to ever put something to sleep. I know you can just have your tech actually DO it, but I don't think I could TELL a family, "I'm sorry, but I think this is the kindest thing." I have cried until I threw up over hitting a bird with my car. NOT very good in a professional setting. Whats more, I would probably get woozy just giving vaccinations!

    However, that doesn't mean I haven't applied to work in a vet's office more than once, or that I don't actually READ animal care books for FUN. And, I admit, I tend to run a little bit of a free-lance vet care place from home. I have the skills (and penchant) to care for basic problems and often my roomie and I take in rescues. I did so BEFORE the roomie, of course, too, but more so since she is the same way.

    And... wow. This COMMENT is pretty much like a whole post.

  4. Yeah... um... just because you love animals and are good at taking are of them doesn't mean you should be a vet.

    also, it ticked me off once because my dumb aunt asked my mom if I had ever thought about being a vet... just because I was outside petting their dog!!

  5. Kiddies! Hurray! Sorry you were feeling crummy earlier and I hope you are feeling better! :D

  6. hahaha ... cc ... maybe it was a killer dog and you were the only person it let touch it ... *snort*

    my mom used to say my brother was gonna be a vet. two of them -- they were both really good with animals. one's an architect and the other is an english teacher (oddly enough, he failed english all through jr high and high school...)

  7. I think that is SO COOL that you are working at Thanksgiving Point!! I adore that place!

    On the topic of becoming a vet... you could still become a vet assistant, yes? And then you could tell your new vet boss that your one rule is that you won't be able to do euthanizations.