Tuesday, September 2, 2008

kids and kids... not the cure all, but they help.

Labor Day was pretty good... but tiring. I am hurting a lot. But hey! Family Fun!

I woke up with Fibromyalgia on overdrive or something... blame the stormy weather? I dunno, but I was having the Sciatica nerve thing all night making it impossible to sleep on my side without screaming... or, you know, sleep on my BACK without screaming.

Since sleeping on my stomach means not breathing, this meant not a lot of sleeping, in general, till meds and exhaustion beat out pain (past 6 am or so) and I fell asleep in a recliner.

Anyway, Rinny was going to do the family stuff (with the Claysons... they were going to hike Timp, but seeing as it was storming, they opted for laser tag. I opted for staying home and taking pills until we NEEDED to go... EXCEPT that we got to the church (we were going to have a picnic in the canyon but it turned into a lunch at a church) early and so mom and me went to see Josie first. It's not too far from TGP and I haven't seen my farm baby in over a week.

That was good. I have been picturing worst case scenarios... either she is skinny and screaming for me when I get there, like never happy... OR she doesn't know me any more, hates me and won't come to me. But neither was true! She's looking very good (a bit DIRTIER, you know... but healthy!). She's cute and chubby and getting bigger all the time. She was not crying when I came, and in fact, when I called her, she called back to me, but did not come right away... but waited till I told her too. And THEN she melted in my arms like it was before! She snuggled and slept in my arms so sweetly! SO cute. Made me feel loved, but NOT too worried. Just the perfect amount. My wonderful baby. Oh I miss that girl. I wish I could keep her. I LOVE HER.

Also, other Goatly News, remember baby Ambrosia, my darling favorite baby who I used to carry around when I first started working there? Well, SHE has a baby... a MINI-JOSIE!!!

I don't know that JOSIE is such a fan of this Mini-Josie, (But them, Mini-Josie's Mom, Ambriosia is STILL being a spoiled brat and tries to get on my lap when she sees me holding Josie and Abrosia is WAY too big to be on my lap. WAY too big... DO YOU HEAR THAT, BROSEE?! You are a MOMMY NOW! You HURT to stand on my lap, you little punk.

I love that goat though. She is a sweetheart, and gives me hope that Josie will always like me becuase I didn't even RAISE her, just held her and spoiled her and she still likes me. And I am Josie's MAMA, so she should remember me. But yeah, Ambrosia's a good girl. And, unlike most of the goats, Ambrosia is a really SWEET mom. She nuzzles her baby and cuddles it, and her baby is sweet, too. Like Mama, like kid. And like Josie. I am friends with the BEST goats! *sigh*

After Josiekins we went back to the church and played with little cousins. We had turkey and corn and stuff and several cousin's played the piano. (SO many renditions of chopsticks and "heart and soul" HA!). We sang happy birthday to 3 cousins and my dad. And I made friends with Merrily's 6 year old Camille. Oh my heck. WHAT A SMART LITTLE TALKER! My 2 favorite lines "I wonder why I make friends with so many grown ups? Maybe it's because I'm such a chatterbox, if I do say so myself!" and when she asked "hey, where did your little friend get to?" when talking about MY MOM. HA HA HA HA! She was a hoot.

The day was a little too long, however, and my meds didn't last quite long enough. Still, kids... and KIDS... help.


  1. Woohoo!! I'm sorry you're in so much pain, but so glad Josie is remembering you and the other kids helped.

    and that "little friend" comment is hysterical.

  2. I'm glad you can rest easy about Josie...and that you had fun with the fam on Labor Day. Take care.