Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just. too pissed. at life. to write.


more animals

Sciatica problems where I can hardly walk. New psych. New Therapist. New General Practitioner. Another sewer line break UNDER MY ROOM means a jack hammer through my floor. Gas line break (thanks, Blue Stakes, for never showing!). 3 major computer crashes. Stomach issues. Insurance issues.



  1. Aww, Kipluck! Why is it that when it rains, it POURS? I never got that...

    Hey, on the upside, I was just about to email you to tell you that your page on gabbafriends is AWESOME. You totally crack me up! Apparently a lot of other people love it too... it's already had exactly 130 page views as I type this!! Can you believe that? I can... the "blinged" (*cringe at that newfangled word!) is seriously, seeeeriously very cool. You are a creative genius! So thank you sincerely for being such an amazing friend. Seriously. Amazing.

    PS I know I still owe you a hermit crab habitat. I gots it... I just need to bring it to you! Let me know when you're feeling like having visitors.

  2. and that link is awesome. kiddo wants to make a bag now.

  3. wow your condo sucks...

    geeze, BA. We love you. You're AMAZING. I would have shot people in the post office by now.

    Well, maybe not, but STILL.