Monday, September 8, 2008

CPR and the Big Bucks

So, sometimes I want to make money. I don't do it well. You might have noticed, by the fact that I am almost broke. Besides teaching at Thanksgiving Point (because we all know education for a not-for-profit institute is the way to BIG BUCKS! HA!) I do the Amazon thing (I think I've made all of 4 dollars.. in a year) and I recently joined MyLot (which if YOU want to join, add me so we can be friends and get MORE money, too. Not MUCH money, mind you, but it is fun answering questions. I have been doing MyLot about every day now, just a few responses, though... whatever topics grab me, you know?) and now I am going to try a little something with my blog called Social Spark. Supposedly they pay you to talk about certain things in posts. Not that I would LIE or anything, but if it is true, I could do that. Especially if you KNOW that is what I am doing. Therefore I am going to call these, ummm, Plugs 4 Pennies! Yeah. And here is the first. But it also a Plug for a good cause... I mean, you COULD save a babies life.

CPR for Babies! Not for babies to DO CPR, which could be problematic... but FUNNY. Hero Baby. Heh heh.

Admit it, it WOULD be funny...
BUT if your child needs CPR, you need to know how to do it. If you are a mom, or a babysitter, you should DEFINITELY know this. This is a way to learn it online. I remember learning it for the certification, but it has been so long, I am not certified anymore... I should get that way... teaching and all... but ANYWAY....

This isn't going to get you Red Cross Certified, but it might at least teach you the skills for 7 dollars, which is MUCH cheaper than taking the classes at Community Ed. (OH! But speaking of Community Ed, Rinny and I are starting Spanish tomorrow! YIKES!) So there you go! [/Plug] hee hee!

Okay. Going to sleep now. 3... yeah THREE doctors tomorrow. General practitioner (new one. Doctor Shopping sucks.). Psychologist (the New Dr. Apparently *nervous*.). Girly Doctor (Ugh.). Such is [my] life.


  1. you sold out... YOU SOLD OUT!!!

    tee hee.

  2. LOL @ steph.

    that is an awesome picture ... heheheh.

    thanks for the reminder. need to take a cpr class. woo.