Friday, September 19, 2008

He is coming here to PROPOSE tomorrow!

Did that get your attention!? Okay. GET THIS. At some point one of Rinny's friends was on a date with some dork at one of her parties at the Padres' house (pool table, big screen... you know.). Well, Dork ends up liking ANOTHER of Rinny's friends at the party (it happens. Fine.) and later asks her out to a dance blah blah blah. WELL, fast forward however many months that was they are going to get married. He wants to propose to her the first place he MET her... yeah OUR HOUSE (where he was on a date with someone else?!).

Umm... D'oookay? Now this is JUST MY OPINION. But seriously. I think proposing at my house, like upstairs at the pool table is a bit NOT romantic. Especially considering, you know, it's our house. But whatever. AND we are having another ice cream party to "set the scene" and then we all disapear for the big moment. I just think it is kinda tacky.

If you know who I mean, don't tell. (Not that anyone does... well, maybe you, Bobbie.) But still... come on, my parent's pool table room?!

p.s. I just got back from the hospital because I ended up getting driven HOME from work. Leaving my car there. I feel like crap. Ican't move because of my back and a stomach thing (ulcer). This is a BAD BAD BAD day. But still... the proposal is QUALITY freakin humor.


  1. Eeesh...ulcers and tacky proposals. Yikes!

    By the pool table...that's just...hmmm...I'm imagining it and you're right...that's unromantic.

  2. Hey, if hubby had proposed the first place we met, he'd've done so in my sister's van in front of his house ... no, instead he proposed (the first time) while we were on a walk near his house. bwahahaa.

    But yeah ... your parents' house? THAT is random.

  3. Utahans and their proposals...I'll never understand it.

  4. Wow. Really? In another girl's house? I mean, how does she even tell her future children the story of his proposal.

    Wow, I hope I get proposed to next to my neighbor's daughter's friend's washing machine.

  5. i'm sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you are better! dang those ulcers!

    ok, dork is a dork and perhaps someone might mention that she will have this story to share with everyone for the rest of her life, yeah their kids too!
    I think he's been sniffing way too many litter boxes!