Friday, September 12, 2008

Luxurious? I say Neigh! (Bad pun. I know. I hurt. Shut up.)

When I have physical therapy I pretend I am going to a luxurious spa and gym. I mean, there is massage involved, even if instead of scented candles there is electrical stimulation thingies zapping the heck out my muscles. After the "spa" they send me to the "gym" to work out on machines and swim in the [therapy] pool. I can usually keep this game up in my head pretty well (which is nice for my mood since therapy HURTS) except for this recent addiction between the "spa" and the "gym." They have started me on Lumbar Traction. Strapping me to a table and mostly just putting the thing ON me, like they are saddling a horse, then, well, stretching me out. Hard to pretend any spa does THAT. Some creepy... pony... spa. Ouch.


  1. sad. "what pun?"

    geeze. i have no brain. lol

    you could pretend it's ... um ... hot rock treatment????

  2. Just remind yourself that even spa treatments can hurt a little, 'extraction' is not a pleasant part of a facial. My cutest little neighborhood friend used to tell me, "it hurts to be beautiful, tay tay!".

  3. Like Harvey Fierstein said on "Mrs. Doubtfire" when making up Robin Williams to look like an old woman: "Pain is beauty."