Sunday, September 14, 2008

Well, Color me Starstruck! (Now with Music Videos! (I'm like MTV before they were all about RealityTV Shows!))

YAY a weekend that didn't completely suck!

I was having such a hard time. Hurting a lot and crying so much. When Rinny kept reminding me of the Colors concert I admit I WANTED to go, but... I was not so excited. Last year's was emotionally hard, and the chairs weren't looking too great for my pain. Plus, I was just feeling so... alone. I had left a message for Megs to come, too, but got no answer, and figured SHE was having a week like mine and not up to going... or even answering her phone (which I REALLY understand as any of my friends no when I go into non-communication mode know.).

But then she called and Rinny persuaded us both to go! WOOHOO! With my Meggy! And Rinny, who organized this... and bankrolled this... so I really like at present. Yeah, sometimes I totally *heart* me sis.

And it was SO GOOD! (unlike the pictures!)

Even the opener. A chick named Stephanie Smith. Her song "Fragile Sometimes"? Talk about relating to lyrics. Pretty much my theme song at present. (not a fan of the puppet song though because I was in a really GIGGLY mood and it was serious and I kept thinking hand puppet. It's not. It's a string puppet. But hand puppets are FUNNY. Oh and crickets. Because we had a debate about Pinocchio verses Mulan. (Rinny was right. It WAS Pinocchio (OH! HEY! PUPPETS! I GET IT! I was on Loritab that night, just FYI. Blame drugs.) but Me and Megs were just slow. (and on drugs, in my case))) (Wow. THREE parentheses.)

Plus... and on a completely non-music related note, she had a MONA LISA ON HER SKIRT. And it made me covet it. I want her skirt. (Am I now a skirt chaser?)

But the concert? GOOD GOOD GOOD! The boys were fantastic and funny and great. The Hollywood bass dude the brought in was not so much (but I totally dug his OWN song! Can't remember it, but wish I could... something about next 15 in a row? Anyway, HILARIOUS and GOOD voice!) but I like my Colors boys the WAY THEY ARE.

But new songs is okay. Just the same pure sounds. MmmmHmmm... but enough of this ONCE A YEAR nonsense. FULL-ON COME BACK. Come on. NEW KIDS are even back. Can't you fully come back with MORE gigs? You KNOW the fans would come. The Sandy City Amphitheater was sold out, at the very least. And Rinny, Meg, and I... we will ALWAYS love you. Even though you ARE all married... and have kiddlets. And Megs is married too. Whatever. WE ARE THE SUPER GROUPIES!!!!

It was awesome. We sat with Brian's sister and a bunch of nieces and nephews and other fans so our insane cheering didn't look too out of place... we just looked like cousins or something!

In very Paparazzi fashion, this is Brian's Sister and nephew next to us. (Don't worry they actually loved us because we screamed and talked with us about football and crushing ankles and stuff (don't ask, I am a psycho.))

Also, after, I totally talked to Brian's SUPER cute barely 5 year old little boy because he wanted a hug from his daddy and the crowd of fans would not let him through and neither my Teacher mode NOR my obsessed fan mode would allow that so I MADE them move so he could hug his dad and ride on his shoulders. Pretty dang adorable. SIGH. So yeah. SUPER GROUPIES!

And I love my cousin and sister so much. This was a cute shot of Megs. Not so much of me, but I kept it anyhow, because, I liked her face. :OD
(Can you tell she married a TEXAN?! hee hee hee!)

The seats were still hard for my back, but I used an ice pack the whole time.

The only bad thing is I did not make it to even sacrament today. And that is NOT good at ALL. They have moved it earlier. This is not not not not a good thing for me having a hard time. Keep me in your prayers. I know that sounds like a lame thing to pray for, but I want to go. I really do. And it helps the week go better. Even just one hour of church.

Bleh. I am no good at Sundays.

OH OH OH! P.S. VIDEOS!!! Lookie!

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