Sunday, September 21, 2008

P.S. (Proposal -o-Sunday) it gets worse

OH. my. HECK.

So, apparently I missed part of that story. The "friend" the Dork was on the date with when he fell for the friend he would later propose to in our house? RINN. She is in full hostess mode and throwing the ice cream party. But, Yeah. That means that dork is proposing to the girl in the house of the OTHER GIRL'S parents. Wow.

I was laughing so hard at Rinny as I was telling her I felt bad for her that I am not sure she believed I was sincere. Which was too bad because she was being really nice at the time.



  1. wow. that really does make it a LOT worse. boys are dumb.

  2. Aww, Rinny. Someday someone will do something equally compassionate for her. That's so tough, but I swear she'll be glad she didn't end up with that boy... one who thinks proposing at another girl's pool table is romantic. Let us feel sorry for his future wife... ha!

  3. Oye. I'd be throwing ice cream AT the "happy couple" instead of throwing a party FOR them.

  4. Just goes to show what a classy woman Rinny is for actually hosting them.

  5. oh my gosh ... why he would think that was romantic or appropriate, i'll never know ... but i agree with nasty. Rinny is classy. I'd be more tempted to act like sra.

  6. Rinny is amazing and brilliant and beautiful!

    He didn't deserve her, clearly if he is dumb enough to propose at the other girls parents house, he is not smart enough for Rinny.

    I'd be all for throwing ice cream though too.

  7. So did he propose by the bronze golfer statue?

    I'm with Laurie, I feel sorry for the future Mrs. I just hope she is too dim to figure out the irony of it all.

  8. Ok now I must know who it was... not that I would know who it is... but since there is a posibility... ya anyway.

    I'm all for the idea of throwing ice cream AT them. :-)