Thursday, August 4, 2011

It All Ends (Pics or it Didn't Happen)

Yep, It all ends.  Not just Harry Potter.  My summer.  My direction. It ALL ends.  But it's been interesting.  And I've got the pics to prove it.

To begin with, I started an entry about a month ago... "So this week has been... INTERESTING.  I have cried my heart out.  I have second guessed my career path.  I have hugged a Furry. I have visited one of my best friends at her brand new condo.  I have done an animal show without my Heebster.  I have said goodbye to my Anole, Sprite, and one of my Bumble Bee Walking Toads, Miney Moe. I have packed up boxes and boxes of my things, getting rid of more than I am keeping.  I said goodbye to one of the best roommates I have ever had and her doggies."  But things never went back to normal.

So I guess I just thought I would share what has been going on since then while blogging hasn't been a priority.

June 21st our school had an All Things Animal Fair.  I taught about sugar gliders.  It was hard to do with out Heber.  But the highlight of the day was my friend and classmate(who is a Furry)'s Furry friends showing up in tails... and I don't mean tuxes.
But especially her "special friend."

For the 4th of July vacation I went with the family to Saint George. Rinny bought a long board so that she could ride with BoyKid and he taught her to ride. Padre also tried to ride, too. We went to Tuachan to see The Little Mermaid, Grease, and fireworks. On the way home we stopped in Scipio for a potty break... and discovered the most random little petting zoo at a gas station! Rinny and BoyKid tried herding the peacocks. It was pretty hilarious, I wish I had it on video. But anyway, here is Saint George trip, abbreviated:

The summer break drew to a close, as did the time I had for my arm/back/shoulder to heal enough to take my physical competencies and pass my class so I could continue with Vet Tech the coming quarter. I tried. I did physical therapy, got steroid shots, etc. But I couldn't do it physically. So I had to take a W in one of my classes (though in the OTHER ones I got a 4.0 and made the Dean's High Honor List!) and drop my classes for the following semester.

Which brings us to now. Taking a quarter off to do more therapy, working, and trying to decide if I can (or am sure I want to) continue with vet tech classes. I don't know what to do.

P.S. I did love the last Harry Potter. As you can see, so did BoyKid, who dressed up and went to a midnight showing. I went with friends, too, which was really fun. Haven't done much with friends for awhile so that was good. I need to do that more.

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