Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beauty without Proper Citations

I have been having a kinda depressing day. Maybe it's just been my stupid sugars out of control. That doesn't help. But I thought maybe looking at random pictures people have emailed me... and that I have no idea of their source! I want to save them somewhere, be able to share them on Pinterest.... oh Pinterest. But I wish I had the photographer or something to give them proper credit. So if you know, please share the info!

So, on a mostly unrelated note, my therapist Ivy has quit her practice to be a full-time mom. Which is awesome for her, and I think she should... but it sucks for me. I do not really like New-Ivy that much. She is okay, just.... yeah. Changing doctors is hard, especially when you sort of need to click with them emotionally. It doesn't much matter if a podiatrist clicks with you... but with mental health, yeah. :P

In other OTHER news, Mrs. Doctor Hasacrazywife is now spreading rumors about my dad. Now, my dad and I don't get along that well, but she is saying PSYCHO stuff that just ISN'T true. Like that he was screaming vulgarities at these ladies. Okay, *I* might say damn and hell sometimes, but he DOESN'T. Pretty much his version of cursing is saying stupid things like "quatching" and "oh my heck" and if he is really mad "FETCH!" Somehow the image of my dad saying really dirty foul things to ladies on the street who go to our church? Yeah. She is KOOKOOPANTS.

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  1. Okay, I want to hear the whole story about Mrs. Doctor Hasacrazywife. Because the worst thing *I* remember your Dad ever saying is "Never. Again. Babe!"